Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Essentials: A Wonderfelle World

Hey y’all! Elle from A Wonderfelle World here and I’m delighted to share some of my summer essentials with you while Jessica is away.

  1. Silk Tunic Dresses: I live in dresses and this summer I can’t get enough of these effortlessly chic pieces that seamlessly transition from poolside cover-up during the day to date-worthy frock at night. One of my favorite recent purchases was the Diamond Gaucho print DVF Tabalah Dress and I have my eye on the Indian Temple Dip Dye print above.

  2. Bright Polish: My favorite way to complement a sun-kissed glow is with bright nail polish (on hands and feet!) – OPI’s Strawberry Margarita and Cajun Shrimp are a couple of my summer staples.

  3. Nude Wedges/Espadrilles: For leg-lengthening, comfortable shoes, I look no further than nude wedges/espadrilles that go with everything from summer shorts to sundresses. I’m a sucker for bows and currently coveting these Valentino Leather Espadrilles.

  4. Refreshing Cocktails (preferably on the beach): I don’t think summer would be complete without some time spent relaxing outside with a cool cocktail. I’m a big fan of elderflower and thus cocktails with St. Germain – try 2 parts sparkling wine, 1 ½ parts St. Germain, 2 parts Club Soda for a delicious treat!

  5. Retro Sunnies: You can’t enjoy your cocktails in the sun without a fabulous pair of sunnies. My trusty Prada aviators have seen better days so I’m crossing my fingers these Prada ‘Vintage’ Resin Aviator Sunglasses find there way into my possession soon!

Thank you, Elle! I'm craving that gorgeous Diane von Furstenberg frock!

Be sure to visit Elle over at A Wonderfelle World.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Essentials: Cafe Fashionista

Given the fact that my plan for summer 2010 is merely to have no plans at all, I have come to the conclusion that my summer essentials are only the very clothes found upon my back. You see, my loves, I am taking a page from both Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, and the Mario Testino fashion editorial starring Daria Werbowy and Lily Donaldson, which was published in Vogue UK back in March 2008, to play the role of bohemian, beatnik beauty in the form of a mysterious femme fatale traversing foreign soil all by my lonesome. Thus the reason I must look completely chic yet comfortable from the beginning of my journey to the very end; and the five pieces I have selected will ensure that I adhere to that motif.

As much walking will ensue, Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent’s Luella Zip Wedge Sandals in a cognac hue will accommodate my tootsies, keeping them cozy yet classy during my journey. The J BRAND Lovestory 22” Jeans will provide a soothing, slimming effect to my form, adding a complementary bohemian flair via the bellbottom-like aesthetic. Ruthless locks will be kept out of my eyes with the assistance of American Apparel’s Wool Floppy Hat; while Forever 21’s Crochet Halter Top will keep me cool during my long hours strolling under the hot sun, whilst giving me the chance to flash a little sophisticated skin courtesy of the halter back. And to keep all of my newfound treasures safe from harm, JJ Winters’ Suede Fringe Bag will sway to and fro from its perch upon my shoulder. Cute boys beware; there’s a new girl in town, and her summer essentials are dyn-a-mite!

Thank you, Erika! Your picks are the epitome of bohemian glam!

Be sure to visit Erika over at Cafe Fashionista.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Essentials: Amy's Afternoon Reading

Hello Style Obsession, lovelies! Jessica, I hope you are having a relaxing vacation (with a little bit of shopping thrown in). I am Amy from Amy's Afternoon Reading and I am very excited to be asked by Jessica to be a part of this guest blog series. This post will always have a special place for me because it's my first time (and hopefully not my last) guest blogging.

To be honest, I had such a hard time narrowing down my Summer essentials because I find summer to be the most lust-worthy season. So I cheated a bit on the assignment and created Summer Lusts (things I really want, but may not be so affordable) and Musts (pocket-friendly alternatives). Enjoy!

  1. Sexy Summer One-Piece - I find that I am most confident in a bathing suit when I am in a one piece. And when I feel confident, I am sexy. So ...
  2. Beach Cover-up that can Double as a Dress - Since I live in Manhattan and take the train to the beach (as opposed to the privacy of my own car), I need quick-drying, street-appropriate beach cover-ups for travel.

  3. Movie Star Sunglasses - I actually own the Lust selection because I decided this year to treat myself to designer sunglasses.

  4. A Lighthearted Beach Read - I can't think of anything more relaxing to do in the summer than to sit outside (preferably at the beach) and read. I even started a summer book club. My current reading list is 200 books long and growing. Feel free to recommend more.

  5. Frizz Control! - No amount of spray will tame my hair, so I actually splurge for the Keratin hair treatment. It makes my beauty routine so much easier and faster and I never have to worry about messy, dull, or frizzy hair. Plus, it lasts all summer (3 months). If you can't afford it though, Biolage is a good alternative.

    • LUST - Keratin hair treatment - ask you local salons. I go to Gerard Bollei (in NYC) - $200+ (price varies on city, salon, expertise of stylist, etc.) Gerard Bollei offers 20% off to new clients.

    • MUST - Biolage deep smoothing serum - - $16.50
Thank you, Amy! Now what happens when I'm craving both the lust and the must options?

Be sure to visit Amy over at Amy's Afternoon Reading.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer Essentials: Fashions on the Fly

Hey Style Obsession friends, it's Nikki from Fashions on the Fly.

I'm super excited to be guest posting here on Style Obsession for Jessica while she's on a little getaway to California. Jessica, hope you're having an amazing trip and maybe on your way home you can stop by for a little fun here in Utah!

Well, friends, here are my top 5 summer essentials:

I'm all about finding a pair of Bermuda Shorts that are light weight and comfortable. These Jolt Bermuda Shorts have the perfect fit and stylish color for this summer fashion. Shorts end up being my "go-to" outfit if I can't find anything to wear during the summer, so each season it's a must to find a couple of new pairs.

My next summer essential is a super cute swimming suit. I grew up with a family that is always around water - either wave running or boating - so at the end of the summer season, I always end up throwing a swimming suit away because the suit just can't take anymore fun. This Victoria Secret suit will work perfectly for me and it's a great price.

I'm not going to lie, I love technology. That's why one of my five summer essentials is the new MyTouch Slide by T-Mobile. I love this phone - my favorite thing about this phone is the keyboard. I just can't get a hang of the touch screen keyboards so I'll rest my fingers on something solid.

Summer is never complete without a nice cold drink. My drink of choice is Coca-Cola Classic. I might be slightly addicted to its taste. The best moment is having one while basking in the sun in some far off place from Utah...

...which explains my last summer essential, plane tickets to anywhere. I'm a small traveloholic and will go anywhere in a heartbeat. My closest friends always say that they need to schedule six weeks in advanced to hangout with me for a weekend. Lets just say if I'm not working the weekend I'm off somewhere enjoying the sights.

Thank you, Nikki! I'm a classic Coke girl too!

Be sure to visit Nikki over at Fashions on the Fly.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer Essentials: The Iconic Blog

In today's Summer Essentials post, Melanie of The Iconic Blog shares her top five selections for summer 2010.

Essential #1: A darling summer dress. I am all for loose comfy maxi dresses for day, but I like to have something a little sassier to throw on for evening. After a long day lounging at the beach, I am always in the mood to get all dolled up. I love that this dress has some great cutouts to show off that perfected summer glow.

Essential #2: Moroccan hair oil. Run this magical serum through your hair right after you get out of the shower for natural frizz-free waves (no blow drying needed). For all out shine, blow dry after and then add a few drops just to your ends. This fantastic product gives you the option to be as low maintenance as your please, but ensures that you will have a fantastic hair day.

Essential #3: Gold sandals. I love my heels and wedges as much as the next girl, but I need a glam pair of sandals like these each summer. Flat, because I want to be able to navigate farmers' markets and cobblestone streets. Gold, because I want them to look just as fab with cut-off shorts as with a black jumpsuit for a poolside soirée.

Essential #4: Dita Sunglasses. Aviators are hot. They are also everywhere. I want to stand out from the crowd a bit, and not be wearing the exact same sunglasses as all of my friends in our photographs. Dita sunglasses are versatile, but different enough for you to maintain your individuality. I love that this "sunbeam" style perfectly marries the thin frames of an aviator with the large lenses of a bolder Hollywood style.

Essential #5: Colorescience mineral sunscreen. This stuff is amazing. I cannot stand sunscreen that is not in powder form - regardless of whether or not if it is oil free. It always makes all of my makeup slide off and permanently smears on my sunglasses. I hate ruining great beach photos with a ridiculously shiny face. This powder is not only discreet it is incredibly effective. It is waterproof and lasts all day! It evens comes in tinted shades so you can use it as a bronzer or wear it alone for slight coverage.

Wishing you all a summer filled with sun, sand and style.

Thank you, Melanie! The cutouts on the dress are perfect for a sultry summer evening!

Be sure to visit Melanie over at The Iconic Blog.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Essentials: Sogni e Sorrisi


I usually spend all winter praying for spring and dreaming of summer, so with the temperature finally rising I'm completely out-of-my-mind delighted. Here six things that help make the warm months perfectly blissful for me...

Summer Essentials
  1. Sandals: The first day possible I'm packing away my boots and pulling out my sandals. Is there any better feeling? Wedges, gladiators, flip flops, flats - I love them any way I can get them!

  2. Anti-Frizz Hair Serum: I have curly hair so this kind of product is absolutely necessary in the heat and humidity. Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum is one that works well for me.

  3. NARS The Multiple: On a regular day I don't like wearing a ton of makeup, but this is even more true when the weather is warm. Plus with everything going on during the summer months I don't want to have to cart around a whole beauty kit. I love that this product serves more than one purpose and once you add some eyeliner and a slick of mascara you're good to go.

  4. Sundresses: I'm not a big shorts girl so sundresses or floaty skirts are musts for me in the summer. They work as casual day wear, for a night time barbecue and even to wear to the beach. Versatile, stylish and comfortable? Can't ask for better than that.

  5. Sunglasses - I think this one is pretty self explanatory!

    And the bonus item...

  6. Cross-Body Bags: It is so great to be hands-free when traveling, sightseeing or just shopping in your own city. The purses are lifesavers!
Thank you to Jessica for hosting me on her lovely blog! I look forward to reading about everyone else's summer essentials! xo Connie

Thank you, Connie! I'm also a proponent of hands-free traveling with a cross-body bag!

Be sure to visit Connie over at Sogni e Sorrisi.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Essentials: Narcissista

In today's Summer Essentials post, Lima K. of Narcissista shares her top five selections for summer 2010.

These Summer Picks Will Seamlessly Take You From Day to Night...

The BB Dakota Mandie Dress is fun & flirty when paired with flats (or barefoot over a bikini), but can easily be dressed up with some hot heels. Talk about scorch factor! (Buy it at: Swell, Zappos or Shopbop.)

If you’re like me, you have tons of nail polishes in a rainbow of colors sitting in your bathroom drawer, begging to be used. Essie’s Matte About You, will revamp those “tired” colors with a modern matte finish. (Buy it at Amazon or

A Carryall Hobo is essential for all your summer essentials. You never know when you're gonna need extra sunscreen, spray-in conditioner, or switch into some flip flops! (Buy it at Target.)

Get ready to splurge on some metallic DVF Sandals. The shine factor makes these ideal for some daytime fun, or sexiness after sundown. (Buy it at Zappos or Gotham City.)

iTouch, iSmouch. Check out Microsoft’s Zune HD WiFi Touchscreen Player! It’s got a cute sleek interface to go with its modern exterior. I love watching shows on it when on my commute for a little faux getaway, or listening to music when I’m at the beach. You can also get the armband accessory for those bikini butt workouts. (Compare prices here.)

Thank you, Lima K.! You found the perfect summer tote!

Be sure to visit Lima K. over at Narcissista.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Essentials: Closet Fashionista

Summer is definitely a great time of year, no school (though sadly I got my first job as a "real person" so I'll be working all summer), great weather, beaches and fun! So here is a list of what I think everyone needs for a great day at the beach!

  1. The Perfect Bathing Suit: Summer equals beach/pool/tanning so you need the perfect bathing suit! I've chosen a monokini because it's the perfect cross between a one-piece (safe to swim in) and a bikini! It's a bit of a splurge so just use it as inspiration if you (like me) can't afford it. (The only problem is that it could cause a weird tan line!)

  2. Great sunglasses! Of course with summer comes the sun, duh! So you want to protect your pretty eyes from damage! But when you go to the beach you don't want to spend too much on your sunnies, what if you lose them in the water or they fall in the sand and get scratched?! So find a nice cheap pair that you won't mind losing, but make sure they're still cute!

  3. Beach Tote: Everyone needs a nice big beach tote for their clothes, towel, sunscreen and whatever else they need at the beach! No need to spend a fortune on this either, it just needs to hold your stuff.

  4. Cute Cover-up: You won't be at the beach all day, so you need a cover-up for when you are strolling on the boardwalk or want to quickly run into a store. Also make sure to pick up some cheap matching flip flops at old navy for $2.50!

  5. A Great Book: You need a book for lazy days at the beach when you aren't in the mood to swim or people watch. For the budding fashionista, I suggest Classy, it's a really great book and a nice easy read. I wrote a short review of it over at my blog.
Thank you, Megan! I'm saving my pennies for that DvF swimsuit!

Be sure to visit Megan over at Closet Fashionista.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday Treats Under $20

After putting in a respectable 13-hour day, I finally flipped off the light switch in my office at 8 p.m. and headed home. I'm officially on vacation. Tomorrow is reserved for last-minute planning and packing, then we take to the friendly skies Thursday morning. But before I scoot out, here's one more edition of Tuesday Treats Under $20 to tide you over:

(pictured clockwise, starting from upper left)

American Eagle, Silky Slip Dress, $19.95 (on sale)
Cara Accessories, Beaded Coil Bracelet, $18.90 (on sale)
CB2, Charlotte Pillow, $19.95 (on sale)
Crate and Barrel, Coffee Mug, $5.95
Nordstrom, Small Pyramid Stud Earrings, $18

Tomorrow: Look forward to the premier of our guest series as fellow bloggers share their top five summer essentials for 2010!

I'll see you again on July 6!

p.s. Thank you Bren and Carrie for tagging me on your posts. I'm eager to work on these when I come back from California!

Winner: Wendy Mink Jewelry Winner

Congratulations to Connie of Sogni e Sorrisi!

Thank you all for entering - and thank you to Wendy Mink Jewelry for sponsoring such an incredible giveaway!

Judging from your comments, it seems that the Silver Basket Drop Earrings and the Ruby Cocktail Rings were two of the most popular pieces. If you plan to treat yourself, remember that Wendy Mink is generously offering free shipping to Style Obsession readers, just enter "Style Obsession" in the checkout notes and you'll receive a refund for the shipping costs.

Readers, mark your calendars: I'll unveil our latest giveaway with CSN Stores when I come back from vacation!

If you'd like to partner with Style Obsession on a giveaway, please e-mail me at

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Travel Essentials

Few things are as daunting as packing for a vacation. Sure, there's a sense of romanticism in assembling a well-edited capsule wardrobe for the trip, but the thought of forgetting an essential item sends this gal into fits of panic. Here's a selection of my must-haves:

(pictured clockwise, starting from upper left)

Small Notebook: I rely on a notepad more than any other travel essential. I jot down sightseeing destinations, phone numbers for hotels and airlines, the names of restaurants and stores we visit and don't want to forget. When boredom hits, it's a prime place to challenge each other to tic-tac-toe.

Scarf: I'm not a huge fan of scarves when the mercury rises, but with a chilly plane - and a subsequent road trip with a boyfriend who has a penchant for subzero air conditioning - a scarf doubles as a lightweight blanket to fend off goosebumps.

Statement Jewelry: The thought of losing a beloved jewel on vacation strikes indescribable fear in me. I've made it a personal rule to bring only one piece of statement jewelry to wear daily: a piece that transitions seamlessly from day to night and won't leave me in tears if it goes missing.

Philosophy 3-in-1 Shower Gel: Tiny bars of hotel soap are the least luxurious part of traveling and leave you itching (sometimes literally) for a skin-friendly option. Pamper yourself with a bottle of Philosophy's 3-in-1 shower gel with a vacation-infused scent like lime margarita. Better yet, it doubles as shampoo, eliminating the need to pack yet another bottle.

Ziploc Bags: No matter where I am, I always find a use for Ziploc bags. Use them to pack toiletries, keeping spills contained. Take one with you to the beach to collect seashells - and prevent sand from infiltrating the rest of your luggage. Pack not-quite-dry swimsuits and towels. And if you pick up any small souvenirs, Ziploc bags are a great way to keep tabs on them.

Cleansing Cloths: Each time I can avoid a potentially leaky bottle, I take advantage of it. Cleansing towelettes travel well and effectively remove the day's makeup - even waterproof mascara. I always keep a box of these tucked into my suitcase.

Antibacterial Hand Gel: There are no guarantees that public restrooms will be well-stocked with soap. Be proactive and bring along your own bottle of antibacterial hand gel to keep germs at bay.

What are your travel essentials?

Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Finds Under $50

(pictured clockwise, starting from upper left)

J.Crew, Convertible Glamour Bikini Top, $24.99 (on sale)
J.Crew, Grommet Bikini Bottom, $29.99 (on sale)
J.Crew, Beachcomber Linen Sweater, $39.99 (on sale)
Topshop, Macrame Tie Sandal, $40
Wendy Mink Jewelry, Bangles, $29 each*

*These are in the "members" section of the site. Login using username: wendyminkexclusive and password: minkmember. For free shipping, enter "Style Obsession" into the checkout notes. Your shipping costs will be refunded.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's a Virtue

Thank goodness my landlord is a patient man. I'm expecting a few packages to arrive while I'm on vacation that he'll have to sign for, including this pair of Diane von Furstenberg sandals I just picked up from Gilt.

Knowing that these beauties await my return will make the flight home much easier to bear.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday Treats Under $20

(pictured clockwise, starting from upper left)

Old Navy, Slub-Knit V-Neck Sweater, $15
Modcloth, All Mine Necklace, $15.99
Old Navy, Cuffed Perfect Khaki Shorts, $19.50
Wet Seal,
Ombre Lens Sunglasses, $7.50
Urban Outfitters,
Raw Crystal Ring, $18

Giveaway: Wendy Mink Jewelry Necklace

It seems that many of you also fell for the necklace I wore in the previous post. Well, you're in luck. One Style Obsession reader will add the Crystal Gold Links necklace to her collection, courtesy of Wendy Mink Jewelry.

Simply visit Wendy Mink Jewelry and take a few minutes to browse the site. Leave a comment letting me know what other piece you love (like the gorgeous the Malachite Beaded Tassel). Be sure to check out the members-only section for exclusive treasures (username: wendyminkexclusive; password: minkmember).

The Details
Open to all readers - even our international friends! The entry period runs through Monday, June 21. The winner will be announced the following day.

For One Entry
Visit Wendy Mink Jewelry and leave a comment. You must leave your e-mail address or blog URL so I can get in touch with you if you win.

For Additional Entries
Leave a separate comment for each of the following:
  • Follow Style Obsession (leave a comment saying you "follow")
  • Blog about this giveaway (please provide link)
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Free shipping for Style Obsession readers: If you fall in love with another piece of Wendy's work, Wendy Mink Jewelry has generously offered to extend free shipping to each of you! Just write "Style Obsession" in the "checkout notes" section and your shipping costs will be refunded.

Entries Closed. Thanks for participating!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Layer It On

I've had an affinity for baubles created by independent artisans ever since working at a small jewelry store in Bayfield, Wis. There's a level of quality and care - both about the jewelry and about the client - that goes into these pieces that you'll never find in a mass-marketed product. When I was contacted by Wendy Mink Jewelry, I knew I was going to fall hard for her work. Each piece is uniquely gorgeous - and each is handmade in her Tribeca studio by Tibetan artisans.

I now have an ever-expanding wish list of her work, but one piece that I kept clicking back to was the Crystal Gold Links necklace. With layers of gold-filled links and crystals from vintage stock, is it any surprise this one was right up my alley?

Wendy Mink's inspiration seems to come from a mix of organic features, Indian influences and vintage touches - all perfectly encompassed in this necklace. It's well-made and sturdy, yet weighs less than I expected. In fact, it's so comfortable that I've been wearing it every day since it arrived last Wednesday!

What I admire most about her line is the variety of price points. Most items seem to run around $200, but there are plenty of low-investment options like this sweet Lilypad necklace for $35.

Free shipping for Style Obsession readers: As an added bonus, Wendy Mink Jewelry has generously offered to extend free shipping to each of you! Just write "Style Obsession" in the "checkout notes" section and your shipping costs will be refunded.

Members-only access: You'll notice a "Members" section on the site. This is typically reserved for long-term customers of Wendy Mink, but you can shop the exclusive section with the following information: username: wendyminkexclusive; password: minkmember.

Love the Crystal Gold Links necklace? Come back Tuesday for details on how to win one of your own!

Outfit Notes:
Max Studio Maxi Dress; Banana Republic Bracelet;
Yves Saint Laurent Arty Ovale Ring; Wendy Mink Jewelry Crystal Gold Links Necklace; Nine West Sandals

FTC-Required Disclaimer:
Wendy Mink Jewelry provided product free of charge for editorial review. All opinions stated within are my own and are not influenced in any way.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Winner: Sex and the City 2 Soundtrack

Congratulations to Tasha of The Hot Spot!

Readers, mark your calendars: We have an amazing giveaway coming next week from Wendy Mink Jewelry!

If you'd like to partner with Style Obsession on a giveaway, please e-mail me at

Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Finds Under $50

(pictured clockwise, starting from upper left)

Design History, Batwing Dress, $33.99 (on sale)
Modcloth, Waxing Crescent Earrings, $11.99
Guerlain, Retractable Eyeliner Pen, $29
Michael Antonio, Jayda Sandal, $34.95
J.Crew, Dahlia Cluster Ring, $29.99 (on sale)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Golden Skies

For years, I touted silver's superiority to gold.

"It goes with everything."

"It's much more classic."

"Gold is just so tacky."

And then I purchased a piece of gold costume jewelry. Then another. The truth is, gold exudes an exoticism and a warmth that silver just can't match.

(pictured clockwise, starting from upper left)

Gorjana, Essex Drop Necklace, $95
Alexis Bittar, Klimt Citrine Drop Earrings, $195
CC Skye, Tassel Bracelet, $179
ABS by Allen Schwartz, Chain and Teardrop Bracelet, $150
Dara Ettinger, Grey Jill Ring, $155
Alanna Bess, Black Garnet Earrings, $138

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sew Cute

Remember that Rachel Rachel Roy dress I posted last Friday? Yeah, I couldn't get it out of my head either. So when Jennifer of Hope Studios commented, wondering if it would be possible to sew, it set our wheels spinning. Motivation was pulsing through my veins after six e-mails back and forth, and I was speeding off to the fabric store.

The shape of my final product did transform quite a bit from the inspiration garment. The original was baggier with draped arm openings - which is what I had loved about it online - but all of that excess fabric just wasn't flattering on my frame. I took in the dress and shortened the straps to keep the focus on my shoulders.

If you're a reasonably experienced sewer, you'll find this a breeze to create. Since I wasn't using a pattern, I traced one of my dresses onto the fabric to make sure I had the width of my hips correct. The front panel of the dress was cut out on the fold, but the back does have a seam down the center. The neckline at the back of the dress is almost identical to the front (it's just up a little higher) with a channel sewn in to slide a leather strap through, cinch and tie.

Total investment: $12 and three hours of work.

Outfit Notes: DIY Dress; Jess LC Chevron Earrings; Yves Saint Laurent Arty Ovale Ring; Guess Sandals

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday Treats Under $20

(pictured clockwise, starting from upper left)

J.Crew, Embroidered Spray Art Tee, $19.99 (on sale)
Anthropologie, Sweet Petula Soap, $5
Forever21, Pastel Draped Necklace, $6.80
Marimekko, Hetki Moments Latte Mug, $15
Nine West, Studded Pouch, $19.99 (on sale)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Piece de Resistance

Antiquing is really a test of patience. Months of scouring dusty shelves can leave you disappointed, but it's time well-invested when you stop in on a sleepy afternoon to find the piece de resistance for your collection, like this new-to-me grasshopper brooch. A massive three-inch long, one-and-a-half inch high insect - which is now perched upon my desk to admire.

My vintage jewelry collection was just begging for a standout piece like this. Unfortunately the piece isn't signed, so I can't pinpoint more creations by its mastermind.

The sheer size and weight of this brooch would probably tug all of my shirts southward. It seems heavy fall blazers are its sartorial destiny.

Best $30 I've ever spent.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Finds Under $50

(pictured clockwise, starting from upper left)

Rachel Rachel Roy, Shoulder Tie Dress, $47.40 (on sale)
Blu Bijoux Gold, Turquoise Stone Cuff, $35
FEED Bags, Small Zip Pouch, $19
Steve Madden, Serrious Sandal, $41.97 (on sale)
Rachel Leigh, Neon Gumball Ring, $47.60 (on sale)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Help Wanted

As many of you know, I'm jet setting to the West Coast for a Californian vacation at the end of this month - leaving the blog unattended. That's where you come in. I'm looking for nine to 13 bloggers to guest post while I'm gallivanting.

The Topic
Share your top five summer essentials for 2010. Maybe your must-haves include a passport for a European jaunt, a tube of sunscreen or a pair of glittering earrings - just show us what you're coveting this season.

The Requirements
  • Either create a collage of five items or send five separate images of your selections. Please size the images to 400 pixels wide.
  • Draft a written portion describing what you're choosing and why.
  • Include the URL for each item - I'll link to the items in your description.
  • Include your name, title of your blog and your URL - I'll link to your site.
  • First, send an e-mail to me at and let me know you'd like to take part. I'll put you on the schedule.
  • Send your post to the above e-mail address no later than Wednesday, June 16, 2010. (Kudos to those who send something earlier!)
Look Forward to Posts From ...
The creative minds behind these blogs: 20something Cupcakes, A Wonderfelle World, Amy's Afternoon Reading, Cafe Fashionista, Chic on the Cheap, Closet Fashionista, Fashions on the Fly, I Don't Think Prada is the Answer They're Looking For, Lovely B., Narcissista, SogniSorrisi, Steak & Cakes, The Iconic Blog, The Pink Boudoir

Update: It didn't take long to fill each of the spots! I'm so thankful for the support - and excited to share their posts!

One More Request
Nate and I are flying into Los Angeles. We're staying in the area for a few days to attend a wedding before embarking on a Californian road trip to the redwood forest. We'll loop back down for our flight departing from LAX in early July.

This means we'll have an amazing opportunity to explore the state. Please send along any suggestions for the trip: ecological must-sees, quaint towns with incredible restaurants, the best place to pick up seashells, unique shopping destinations, ...

Thank you!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Giveaway: Sex and the City 2 Soundtrack

Entries Closed. Thanks for participating!

The first Sex and the City movie debuted on my birthday, making it easy for me to convince Nate to put up with two glorious hours of fashion and sexcapades on the silver screen. Two years later, a repeat performance wasn't happening.

I've been carefully dodging movie reviews since the Sex and the City 2 opening on Friday. I've overheard good snippets as well as bad, but I'm anxiously awaiting a sleepy Sunday morning where I can grab a box of Raisinettes and catch a matinee performance.

In the meantime, the Sex and the City 2 soundtrack has been getting ample play in my car's CD player - which is a phenomenal feat considering not much deters me from my hip hop commute.

Now, I admit that I skip past the cheesiness of the movie's stars singing "I am Woman" and the Liza Minnelli rendition of Beyonce's "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)." But I just can't get past Alicia Keys' seductive, haunting version the Blondie classic "Rapture" or the sexy Middle Eastern pieces that remind me of those played when I took belly dancing lessons. (Truth be told, I found myself undulating my stomach in the car listening to some of the tracks.)

Eager to hear the tracks yourself? Win your own copy of the Sex and the City 2 soundtrack!

The Details

Open to U.S. and Canadian readers. The entry period runs through Friday, June 11. The winner will be announced the following day.

For One Entry
Simply comment on this post. You must leave your e-mail address so I can get in touch with you if you win.

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FTC-Required Disclaimer: One2One Network provided a copy of the Sex and the City 2 soundtrack free of charge for editorial review, and has agreed to provide a second copy for use as a giveaway. All opinions stated within are my own and are not influenced in any way.

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