Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Essentials: Amy's Afternoon Reading

Hello Style Obsession, lovelies! Jessica, I hope you are having a relaxing vacation (with a little bit of shopping thrown in). I am Amy from Amy's Afternoon Reading and I am very excited to be asked by Jessica to be a part of this guest blog series. This post will always have a special place for me because it's my first time (and hopefully not my last) guest blogging.

To be honest, I had such a hard time narrowing down my Summer essentials because I find summer to be the most lust-worthy season. So I cheated a bit on the assignment and created Summer Lusts (things I really want, but may not be so affordable) and Musts (pocket-friendly alternatives). Enjoy!

  1. Sexy Summer One-Piece - I find that I am most confident in a bathing suit when I am in a one piece. And when I feel confident, I am sexy. So ...
  2. Beach Cover-up that can Double as a Dress - Since I live in Manhattan and take the train to the beach (as opposed to the privacy of my own car), I need quick-drying, street-appropriate beach cover-ups for travel.

  3. Movie Star Sunglasses - I actually own the Lust selection because I decided this year to treat myself to designer sunglasses.

  4. A Lighthearted Beach Read - I can't think of anything more relaxing to do in the summer than to sit outside (preferably at the beach) and read. I even started a summer book club. My current reading list is 200 books long and growing. Feel free to recommend more.

  5. Frizz Control! - No amount of spray will tame my hair, so I actually splurge for the Keratin hair treatment. It makes my beauty routine so much easier and faster and I never have to worry about messy, dull, or frizzy hair. Plus, it lasts all summer (3 months). If you can't afford it though, Biolage is a good alternative.

    • LUST - Keratin hair treatment - ask you local salons. I go to Gerard Bollei (in NYC) - $200+ (price varies on city, salon, expertise of stylist, etc.) Gerard Bollei offers 20% off to new clients.

    • MUST - Biolage deep smoothing serum - - $16.50
Thank you, Amy! Now what happens when I'm craving both the lust and the must options?

Be sure to visit Amy over at Amy's Afternoon Reading.


  1. Love both of the beach cover-ups!

  2. I love the blue one and the maxi dress is adorable:)
    Kisses sweetie:)

  3. After being on a boat all day yesterday I discovered I definitely need a one piece suit. It's terribly awkward getting in and out of the boat in a bikini. I sense a shopping trip this week :)

  4. Oh I love looking at others' beach favorites! i have a post like this coming up this week!

    come on over and enter my giveaway :)

    xo Lynzy

  5. Hi everyone. I just noticed a major typo in my post (completely my fault). The Diane von Fursetnberg cover-up is $325 (not $32...I wish!).

  6. bought book yesterday!

  7. Love the sunglasses...those marc jacobs are certainly lust-worthy :)

  8. the timing of this is perfect! i have been asking all week for a rec on where to get a keratin treatment in nyc. that one sounds like a decent price. i'm going to give them a call! ~joelle

  9. Joelle, when you call, tell them Amy's Afternoon Reading sent you and you will get 20%off. The price I quoted is what Keratin ranges in NYC based on the quality of the treatment and the experience of the stylist. I highly recommend Gerard Bollei though. Let me know what you think!

  10. The blue bikini and the Express sunglasses are my absolute faves!!

  11. awesome article.I love looking at others' beach favorites! i have a post like this coming up this week!
    enjoy a beautiful girls.will do shopping well

  12. I love your must swimsuit - the classic shape and ruching are so flattering and fulfill my one piece beach wear requirement.

    Chic on the Cheap


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