Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Only the most style-confident of us can wear a hat. The head-topping piece has lost popularity throughout the last century, even though it's the most statement-making accessory one can wear. Nothing draws as much attention to a face than a hat.

I'm especially drawn to vintage hats with exquisite details - and dream of wearing one as the final touch to my cocktail attire. I try them on in every antique store I visit and search for them religiously on eBay. I have yet to purchase one, however; I'm holding out for a vintage Dior hat that I just can't live without. Here are a few vintage beauties that up for auction right now:

If vintage isn't your thing, there are a bevvy of modern versions available:

(pictured clockwise, starting from upper left)

Rub & Dub, Velour and Leather Hat, $235
Brunello Cucinelli Hat, Striped Hat, $430
Eugenia Kim, Craig Sequined Straw Fedora, $315
Kate Spade, Marlene Wool Cloche, $125
Corta, Chain Link Fur Fedora in Dark Camel, $251 (on sale)
Yestadt Millinery, Silky Stripes Turban, $348

Do you wear hats? Would you? What would you wear them with?


  1. Ah, I love hats. I too love vintage ones but don't have any of those. To answer your question -- yes, I wear (very wide brim) hats nearly all of the time. The harsh California sun, almost every day of the year (we have practically no cloud cover), makes them essential.


  2. soooo we totally have the same thing on our minds, because I def posted about the first pic last night! i'm obsessed with her furry hat!

  3. Love the blog - definitely adding to my Reader! Thanks for the comment on Fab Finds Under $50!

  4. Hi Jessica!

    Thanks a bunch for leaving a note on my fashion blog! How sweet to get a comment from someone living in Wisconsin. Why... because I used to live there too!

    I like a lot what you write in your 'about'. Your daily 'you' and then your nightly passions. A lot like me.

    Hats... I like berets, like any self-respecting Parisienne, huh! This is the last time I wore one:

    Have a chic week!

  5. I'm a huge fan of hat. So chic!


  6. if my head weren't so stinking big, i'd definitely start a collection.

  7. Yes, I often wear hats. In fact I tend to add them after my outfit photos (whoops!).

  8. This post could not have come at a more perfect time; I am going through a serious hat obsession!
    If you are into vintage hats, do you know the site 1st dibs? You will LOVE it!
    Here are a few examples!

  9. I totally agree. You have to be pretty confident to pull off a hat! I wish more ladies wore hats these days... These are all fabulous!

  10. I love trying on hats at antique stores! (I try not think about all the other heads that have been in them.)

    I've been trying harder to be a hat person, but they still aren't one of my go-to accessories. I do like my sequin beret though!

    I hope you find the vintage hat of your dreams!

  11. i adore hats but they can't sit on my head for long.

  12. great picks! i do love hats. in the summer i wear a huge wide brimmed straw hat constantly when i'm out (very fair skin). and in the winter i knit a vintage housewife turban from a 1920s pattern that i wear when it's super cold out. - noel

  13. Ohmigosh I love you for this! I've been wanting a faux fur hat like the one in the first picture for months - I think I may buy one!! :)

  14. I am beginning to embrace hats more and more lately! In the last 2 months I've bought 3 :) They are all somewhat like the Kate Spade cloche also (which I desperately wish was still available -- pretty!).

  15. love the fedorass... somehow I'm one of those who feels a bit silly wearing hats but trying to get over that... :)

  16. I may or may not have walked around a large, upscale mall yesterday sporting a tiny, cocked top hat with pink feathers.


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