Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I was touched by Melisa's post at The Lil Bee this morning - and I don't think she'll mind that I'm using her words as inspiration for today's message.

I can't imagine the scale of the earthquake that rocked Haiti yesterday afternoon. I can't imagine the devastation that has ripped through the country. I can't imagine losing my loved ones in a similar disaster. And I certainly can't imagine not having access to the most basic necessities of food, water and shelter.

In yesterday's post, I mentioned how challenging it was to create an outfit for less than $100. But c'mon, that's not a challenge. A challenge is not having the resources to rebuild a country after it comes crumbling down around its citizens.

I'm echoing Melisa's plea. If you can, please donate money to the American Red Cross to help the relief efforts.

Many of us don't blink at spending $5 on a cup of coffee - I know I don't. Let's use that money for something great today.

Please share your suggestions to help the Haiti relief efforts.


  1. That picture is positively insane. And you are so right about the coffee comment - $5-$10 is nothing for most of us, really!

  2. This is so devastating... I hate reading about things like this. It just breaks my heart!

  3. Very true - no matter how much we may complain about costs and cutting back - our discretionary spending for a day, a week, a month could go so long in Haiti.


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