Thursday, January 21, 2010

Golden Grey

Thanks for your patience on my three-day blog hiatus, darlings. I'm not quite sure where my mind has been, but it certainly hasn't been as transfixed by printed silks and glittering gems as it normally is! In fact, I've been feeling quite uninspired. To help pull out of my slump, I'm turning to an all-time favorite color combination. No, it's not the ever-chic black and white - it's grey and gold.

(pictured clockwise, starting from upper left)

Mike & Chris, Brent Sleeveless Jersey Top, $54 (on sale)
Marc by Marc Jacobs, Double Breasted Coat, $529 (on sale)
Lauren Merkin, Zip Pouch, $55
Forever21, Studded Hoops, $6.80
Matiko, Studded Suede Tinsel Flats, $65
La Mer, Vintage Double Wrap Watch, $106
Banana Republic, Heritage Walkabout Bracelet, $25

What has been inspiring you lately?


  1. Grey and gold is such a lovely combination, and I love the off centered buttons on the jersey top.

    Recently I learned how to make photographs with bokeh, where only a small part is in focus the rest melds into a huge watercolor like blur.

    I've been finding such enjoyment out of choosing wildly colorful back grounds to send into the abstract, that I've been looking for clothing patterns which mimic it, like this skirt or this top.

  2. i REALLY like that first top. it's unique and the color is so easy to wear. nice find.

  3. cute finds, as usual. it's definitely that time of year when uninspired feelings tend to happen, haha

  4. i love the gold buttons on the MbyMJ coat and I've seriously been crushing on La Mer watches recently... If I hadn't gotten a watch for Christmas I would definitely buy one - I'm a big fan of the layered bracelet/watch look!

  5. I'm crazy about gray & gold too. It's (still) a little unexpected, you know? As for a hiatus, no problem. I just took one myself. Sometimes it's necessary to recharge the batteries.

  6. LOVE all the grey and the Le Mer watch is calling out to me. I wear grey a lot (you can tell on mee blog).


  7. Gray and gold is one of my all-time favorite color combinations! And I'm loving that Mike & Chris top - so chic!

  8. I want that Marc Jacobs coat!!! Sooooooo beautiful!


Thanks for commenting - each one means a lot!

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