Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mercury Rising

We're experiencing a Wisconsin heat wave with above-freezing temperatures in the forecast for the next week. Thirty-eight degrees isn't exactly beach weather, but it's just enough warmth to make me itch for summer days. And fortunately enough, I'm heading to California this year with my boyfriend for his best friend's wedding. Who cares if the wedding isn't until June? I'd like to start my fantasy beach-ready suitcase now.

(pictured clockwise, starting from upper left)

Melissa Odabash, Hermione Jersey Kaftan, $325
Lanvin, Embellished Acetate Sunglasses, $126
Echo Design, Graphic Ombre Crinkle Scarf, $38
J.Crew, Jersey Lomellina Retro Bandeau Tank, $115
Anna Beck, Riau Gold Triple Disc Earrings, $163
Diane von Furstenberg, Rialto Sandals, $136
Sea Bags, Small Tote Bag, $95*
Tory Burch, Skinny Cuff with Logo Studs, $95

*The tote bags are made from recycled sails, lending character to the totes and inspiring stories of faraway lands. Basically: the tote is more well-traveled than I am.


  1. Haha, we've been joking about our 40 degree heat wave over here too. The snow is melting and I feel like wearing shorts.

  2. That blue dress looks fabulous! what a wonderful color

  3. Fabulous choices. :)

    I guess people may consider me lucky that I live in Hawaii and all, but there are days that I wish I could walk outside and see and touch snow! Can you believe I've never touched snow. Boo! One day, one day!!

    Love & Aloha, S

  4. Oh yes enjoy the warmer weather!! And love the inspiration for this spring and summer :)

  5. Oh, that Jersey Lomellina Retro Bandeau Tank is absolutely stunning. Loving this post!! :)

  6. Great picks! I especially love that blue cover-up from Melissa Odabash. The 2010 Melissa Odabash cover-ups are gorgeous!

  7. Love your beach picks, especially the bathing suit and that bag. I think I saw those bags in an InStyle feature last year -- what a standout piece.

    Thanks for your idea of pinning brooches to multiple necklaces -- it's a chic idea I'm going to have to try soon! - JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

  8. Lovely collection, I think the swim suit is so flattering, and the recycled sail bag is very cool.

  9. Those look perfect for CA! Where are you going in CA?

  10. Wow, that outfit is *beautiful* :) And LOL, I'm in California and I was just looking at the weather forecase for Paris and saw it was 38 degrees today and thought I might die. I guess it's all about perspective ;) If you are in NorCal this summer come visit!

  11. Great finds, I love those DVF sandals! Oh you're going to Socal! You'll have so much fun. I'm in Northern California....sigh

  12. You'll definitely outclass the beach girls out here with that combo!


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