Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiday Gift Guide: The Frequent Flyer

Most of my Christmas shopping is already complete, but there are still a few hard-to-shop-for people on my list. This week, I'm posting holiday gift guides to help you with your own difficult gift recipients.

I'm sure many of us have a friend or relative who is ready to jet set at a moment's notice or is planning her next international excursion. For the frequent flyer, opt for luxe travel items or charming souvenirs to inspire her next vacation plans.

(pictured clockwise, starting from upper left)

Splendid, Two Pocket Cardigan, $72
Royce, Leather Passport Wallet, $59.99
Laura Ashley, Brittania Pillow, $57.76
Banana Republic, Lightweight Cashmere Scarf, $70
Pan Am, Orion Carry-On Bag, $75
Rau's Country Store, Russian Buildings Nesting Dolls, $69.98
Simply Ooh La La, Eiffel Tower Key Chain, $15.95
Kate Spade, Par Avion Stamp Small Henrietta Make-Up Case, $60
Kate Spade, Perry Street Clock, $40
Crate & Barrel, Decorative Globes, $5.95 - $6.95


  1. I love the makeup case( I think thats what it is) with the little airplanes on there! so cute! If I just had the time to travel !

  2. I want the pillow and pan am bag! you find the cutest stuff!

  3. That cardi looks fabulously cozy! And that travel wallet is SO pretty in pink!

  4. These are great gift choices for a traveler - I don't even travel that much and would love any of them!

  5. Love that cardigan! I got my brother an Eiffel Tower keychain more than 10 years ago - he totally loved it until he lost it. I should get another one.

  6. Oh, I just adore the Pan Am carryon + Brittania pillow. So chic.


  7. that cardi looks so comfy! great picks, as always :)

  8. i love the long comfy cardigan. xoxo

  9. great post!! very informative.. thank you :)

  10. Very clever of you to come up with a theme like this. And you even listed the prices.

    If I had to choose a favorite... That PanAm bag is pretty amazing.

  11. love this set!!! such fabulous ideas :)

  12. Love the britannia pillow, but Laura Ashley doesn't ship to the US from the UK.


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