Friday, November 20, 2009

Hangover Helpers

I apologize for being such a lame blogger this week. I've been busy with networking functions and social gatherings that left me a little exhausted and a little hungover - and there's a good chance that holiday parties will leave me sluggish for much of December. Fortunately, even a holiday hangover can be a little glamorous.

Choose loose garments in calm colors, like this silk slip and oversize cardigan, and give your tired feet a rest in a pair of chic cable knit slippers. When you're ready for a nap, block out the morning sun with a satin sleeping mask and cozy up with a plush throw. Use an eco-friendly glass water bottle to wash down a few pain killers. Once your stomach has begun to settle, order a pizza or head to the nearest Arby's for my favorite hangover cure: a non-diet soda and curly fries.


  1. My favorite hangover cure is a fountain dew (soda fountain mountain dew- a BIG one) and some bread. Horrible for the hips, great for the hurting body.

    Only you could be so classy when hungover. :)

  2. I only wish I looked this chic when hungover :) totally agree about the curly fries though!

  3. Oh boy, wish I was hanging out in this outfit all day instead of the too-tight pencil skirt I wore to work! The fact that it ripped straight up the back when I bent over tells me that I should avoid those curly fries, but I've never been a girl to turn down Arby's! (Hence the wardrobe malfunction ;)

  4. What a glam way to nurse a hangover!

  5. I'm not sure about the silk slip. Even with the cardigan, you can see right through it. I'd prefer about three sweatshirts and a pair of similiarly constructed pants under those circumstances. The curly fries, though, I'll take.

  6. a comfy blanket is great. : ) xoxo


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