Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Black Friday!

The turkey is banished to the refrigerator, only to be reincarnated in the form of many poultry sandwiches. The only remnants of pumpkin pie are a few orange-tinted crumbs. The holiday cocktails have subsided into an epic headache. And yet the festivities continue in the 2 a.m. line outside of Best Buy.

I wish I could say I avoid Black Friday, but I can't help taking part in the twisted ritual. The flurry of people and intoxicating discounts kick off the holiday season. But when I watch someone yank a coveted DVD from another's hand, I vow never to do it again. Yet every year, I'm ready to go when the alarm sounds at the crack of dawn.

I didn't realize, however, that I'm taking part in a 28-year-old tradition. From a Detroit News article:

But few shoppers know that the sense of urgency that now rouses them to the pre-dawn hunt was manufactured here in Detroit, to spur sales during hard times in 1981.

The notion of an early bird sale to kick off the holiday shopping season was born at J.L. Hudson's, when the department store unlocked its doors at 9 a.m. -- half an hour earlier than usual -- and held a one-hour "doorbuster" sale.

Are you taking part in the chaos today? What deals have you scored?

And, please, don't trample anyone.


  1. In Spain there isn´t Thanksgiving or Black Friday, the sales begins in January!
    I want that there are discounts now!!!
    Thanks for your sweet comment in my blog!

  2. I avoid crowds *all* of the time. You are a very brave soul. I'm sending good shopping vibes your way. :)

  3. I bought one pair of boots via the internet because they were on sale, and I got to use a 20% off code... but after tax and shipping they were still $72. Even though their list price was $130 I still didn't get the Black Friday kind of deal I was hoping for.

  4. i stayed in bed, i didn't help the economy on black friday.

  5. Ooh what did you get? I wouldn't have minded suffering for 1 day for some great deals. Alas London and Zurich only have expensive days everyday.

  6. I attempted to partake. I'm vacationing in foothills of the App mountains. So, it was a different kind of black Friday than I'm used to. Still good though! Hope yours was fab. : )

  7. That's a great tidbit, thanks!
    I drove out to the stores, saw the crowd, and kept moving.


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