Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer Essentials: Lovely B.

Thanks to the lovely and talented Jessica for allowing me to guest post on her fabulous blog. It was hard to narrow down my summer essentials to 5 (you could say I'm a little high maintenance... or a product junkie), but I had a wonderful time compiling this list.
Hugs - Lovely B.

  1. I believe that a flowing tunic is absolutely essential to every summer wardrobe. It can serve as an ultra glam cover up when worn over a bikini, or pair with skinny white pants to look incredibly chic while enjoying drinks poolside. Whether light and breezy or colored and graphic, a great tunic screams summertime sexy.

  2. Find the fit that best frames your face, and invest in a pair of sunglasses you’ll love forever. Tom Ford, Chanel and Oliver Peoples all make great styles, but my personal favorites are classic aviators by Ray Ban.

  3. Recently, I’ve become obsessed with chunky white watches and slightly splurged on the Ceramic Michael Kors. And to be honest , I could not be more pleased with this purchase (no buyer’s remorse here). The crisp white color looks great against tan skin and instantly dresses up any summertime ensemble. Choose a heavier ceramic version, or opt for the less expensive resin for a fabulous accessory, sure to make a statement.

  4. Summer is the perfect time to ease up on makeup and let natural skin glow with jus a bit of help. Skip your everyday two-step process or moisturizer and foundation for one quick application of tinted moisturizer to provide just the right amount of coverage while protecting skin from harmful rays. My favorite brand is Laura Mercier, but Neutrogena makes a great product as well. Just be sure the formula you choose contains SPF to ward of wrinkles and sunspots. Follow up with a light sweep of bronzing powder for an extra boost of golden warmth.

  5. Water bottle, lip balm, book, iPod, towel – all essentials for a day basking in the sun. But, to be truly beach-ready, a great tote is an absolute must. Natural woven versions are always in style, or choose a funky version with a fun design. Either way, be sure it’s got a flat bottom and several pockets to keep your self organized and focused only on enjoying the gorgeous weather, rather than digging for sunscreen.
(Pictured above: Sea Geometry Cover-Up, Ray Ban Aviators, Nordstrom White Watches, Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, Thatched Bungalow Tote)

Thank you, B.! Those classic Ray Ban aviators are calling my name!

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  1. Great essentials!

  2. Perfect post...I dont wear much make up in summer too...Its so much nicer to go all fresh and sun-kissed

  3. Totally agree - I hate wearing a lot of make-up in the sun.

  4. Thanks for sharing your essentials!

    Come enter my giveaway!
    xo Lynzy

  5. great post! I like aviators too :)

    Style and the City

  6. i love summer time. I love the fashion, the light and airy fabrics, hair scarfs, sunnies all the bells and whistles. The only thing I am not a fan of is BOOB SWEAT :(

  7. I do love summer fashion, sunglasses and tunics, and for the most part, I don't even mind the heat.

    Chic on the Cheap

  8. I think I'll take your advice regarding makeup--especially since it really got hot out recently. I'd prefer not to be sporting the "melting off" look.

  9. Perfect summer list! I love all the white ceramic watches out right now.


  10. ill love my chanel glasses till they crumble into dust. now that ceramic michael kors watch, sounds like a great idea..


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