Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Style Suggestions | One Dress, Two Styles

It was just the other day when I mentioned that Thanksgiving planning was a little premature on my part. But Robin from Carrie Bradshaw Made Me Do It is a couple steps ahead of me! In a recent post, she showed off her new Forever21 dress and styled it in three different ways for a New Year's Eve rock concert.

So, I'm ripping off her idea. Sort of.

I put together two style suggestions for the dress: one for Robin (based on what little I know about her) and an option suited for my personal style.

The Dress

I'm a huge fan of the dress - partly because it reminds of of the original Barbie doll's swimsuit.

Style Suggestion for Robin from Carrie Bradshaw Made Me Do It

Robin had three criteria for her look: add color, shield her skin from the chilly night and include a purse large enough to carry comfortable dancing shoes. With this in mind, I'd layer a long sleeve fitted tee shirt under the dress for an unexpected pop of intense color. Then add ankle boots and a slouchy bag in complementary hues, but stick with standby black opaque tights to avoid color overload. Accessorize with a statement necklace made of mixed materials and pyramid stud earrings with a subtle rocker vibe.

Personal Style

I naturally err on the classic side of the style spectrum with a few trendy items peppered in - which is probably why I ended up with an edgy cocktail look rather than something suitable for a rock concert. I chose a monochromatic color scheme to emphasize varying materials and textures like patterned tights and suede open toe ankle boots. I'd accessorize with a chunky faceted cuff, rhinestone drop earrings and a beaded clutch.

How would you accessorize this dress?


  1. How fun! I'm very excited to see someone else's styling of the dress and flattered about the shout-out. Both of your looks play with the edginess of the dress but also lady it up a bit. So cute! I appreciate the help- I was feeling a little stumped on how to make this dress suit my event.

  2. Both looks are really great!

  3. I think I would rock it with some gigantic statement earrings like you did and hot pink platform pumps. The Barbie Loubs perhaps? Love that dress!

  4. Kristin: I'd wear those Barbie Louboutins with everything.

  5. LOVE the 'edgy cocktail' look! i'm the same way--i definitely tend towards classic with trendy touches---you styled this beautifully!


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