Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Barbie has Cankles

"I guess I always had a little 'girlie side' who liked Barbie," claims Christian Louboutin. And it seems the footwear guru also has a catty side.

In a recent CBS report, Louboutin allegedly deems Barbie's ankles to be "fat."

His claim is supported by a Board-certified cankle specialist (no, I'm not making this up) in the CBS article. Dr. Michelle Copeland explains, "She really doesn't have a full curve to the calf and it goes straight down to the ankle."

It's a cold day in hell when Mattel's anatomical wonder is branded imperfect.

No hard feelings, though. Louboutin did design the shoes for Barbie's 50th anniversary runway show earlier this year.


  1. Love the dress and heels! I heard that they were redesigning Barbie to make her ankles thinner!


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