Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kate Spade Friends & Family Event

Goldenmeans passed along the hot tip that Kate Spade is currently having a Friends & Family event through October 4, 2009. Save 30% on your full- or sale-price purchase with the code FALLFF09.

After very little convincing, I purchased a pair of the tonal argyle tights I've been crushing on since Kate Spade's fall collection graced her Web pages.

At a discounted price of $19.60 and free shipping, how could I resist. I was powerless, I tell you. Powerless.

Head over here to see Goldenmeans' Kate Spade picks. (And then bookmark her blog because she's pretty fantastic.)


  1. glad you got the tights- they're great! i really love those sequin shoes too. ~joelle

  2. Ashley: I'm so excited for them to come; I've already been brainstorming outfits!

    Joelle: Aren't those shoes divine? I wish I had been a little more frugal lately so I could have justified them.

  3. Aw, thanks Jessica, you're so sweet :) I am so glad you got them! I finally caved and placed an order yesterday, but as I was checking out, someone took the last pair and they sold out before I could complete the order! Sigh. On the other hand, the other thing in my cart was a dress, and that's still coming to me, so I can't entirely complain =)

  4. Woohoo! I though I had missed the sale. I wonder what kind of trouble I can get myself into today????

  5. i am so bummed I missed this sale. probably better that way though! :)


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