Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Little Luxuries: Banana Republic Jewelry

Like most of you, I'm fond of J.Crew's jewelry line. This undoubtedly springs from my affection for vintage jewels and anything encrusted with rhinestones or pearls. I'm just not fond of the inflated J.Crew price point. This is exactly why I was thrilled when I browsed the Banana Republic Web site last night. I can get my vintage-inspired jewelry fix at a much more reasonable price.

Under $100

Soho Sparkle Necklace, $89.50

Under $50

Flower Drop Earring, $36

Under $25


  1. I am so loving BR and J Crew's baubles right now!

  2. the sparkle necklace is gorgeous.


  3. these are all so pretty! i adore the ring. and great that the price is right for all of them. ~joelle

  4. I saw that sparkle necklace! It's so gorgeous. I just wonder if it would get stuck in my hair.


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