Monday, October 19, 2009

Inspiration Board: Sputnik Chandeliers

Last week, Kate Spade tweeted about the retro Sputnik chandeliers in the company's new Japanese store. Since then, I've been slightly obsessed with the iconic mid-century modern lamp.

Fun Fact: The chandelier was not originally named or modeled after the famed satellite. The style was pioneered by Gino Sarfatti who designed a series of chandeliers for Lightolier in 1954, which included a starburst, space-age chandelier. The Sputnik satellite was launched three years later in 1957.


photo via @katespadeny

photo via AphroChic

Shopping List

(pictured clockwise, starting with upper left)

Advanced Interior Design, Sergei Sputnik, $367
Lamps Plus, Possini Euro Crystal Sphere Halogen Pendant Chandelier, $299.99
Modern Furniture, Chromed Disc 6 Light Chandelier, $563
Jolina Lighting, Wall Sconce Sputnik Lamp, $225
Euro Style Lighting, Possini Euro Design Opal Glass Ceiling Light, $399.99


  1. Wow it's stunning! I'm especially like it in the third image down.

  2. i like very much. they make such statement.

  3. Gorgeous! I like the more asymmetric ones best.


  4. wow! those are so gorgeous! they make the entire room look amazing!

  5. love these, must-have for my new appartment!


  6. J, do you know who designed this chandelier, by any chance? Notice it has a long drop down light in the middle.

  7. Rocor: I don't know who designed that lovely chandelier! I sent an e-mail to the museum asking about the piece. I'm curious to hear what the say - I'll let you know!

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