Friday, September 11, 2009

Purchasing Power

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What makes a pair of shoes worthy of a month's rent? And how does a dress convince someone to willingly - and happily - give up three-days worth of pay?

My discretionary purchases end up in one of two categories: perceived necessities and consuming lust. The pieces that fall in the "necessities" category aren't exactly "needs," but they qualify as far as fashion is concerned. These tend to be replacement pieces for worn out clothes, accessories to complete an outfit, or last-minute dresses for events.

One the opposite side of the buying spectrum are the items that inspire me. These aren't planned purchases. They're happened upon, resulting from frequent browsing. I know I'm hooked when I begin to weave a story about the item, fantasizing about how and when I'll wear it.

Of course, the best scenario is when these two realms mix.

These are the questions I consider before a purchase:
  1. Does it inspire me?
  2. Do I feel like a more confident/beautiful/interesting version of myself in it?
  3. Is it versatile?
  4. Will it fit seamlessly into my closet? If not, do I believe it could with a bit of creativity?
  5. What is the garment made of?
  6. Is the construction of high quality?
What makes a fashion item worthy of your money?

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