Monday, September 14, 2009

Diane von Furstenberg Spring 2010

I'm in the midst of drooling over the spring 2010 collections on I'll eventually post my favorites for next season, but first I must devote an entire post to my fashion icon: Diane von Furstenberg.

As always, her spring collection is effortlessly chic. According to, "This season's nomad searcher is 'looking into antiquity for effortless beauty,' with Egypt and the desert on her horizon, along with a side visit to the Pre-Raphaelites."

I need this dress:

... and this is why I'm going to be broke next season.


  1. I love DVF! I adore her color and prints!

  2. Absolutely stunning! DVF never dissapoints. :)

  3. DVF makes a mean print, but unfortunately, I can't see myself wearing any of her stuff from this season (though I also said that about last season, and the season before, and of course ended up buying stuff anyway, so what do I know?! :) My feelings are probably going to totally change when I see stuff up close, as always.)


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