Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fall 2009 Shopping | Part Three: Military

While I was growing up, my father was enlisted in the National Guard. He may have been gone one weekend a month, but there were plenty of upsides to his enlistment: including the beautiful Goebel doll he brought back from Germany and the soda crackers that were part of his MRE rations. But I remember the clothing most vividly. I was fascinated with the sense of honor, duty and leadership the uniforms invoked. And now that my younger brother has enlisted with the Army, the military-trend resonates even stronger with me and my newfound patriotism.

(pictured clockwise, starting with upper left)

Burberry, Felt Duffle Coat, $695
Fendi, Military Detail Blouse, $436
CC Skye, Braided Knot Mesh Cuff, $110
Michael Kors, Men's Goldtone Bracelet Watch, $250
J.Crew, Cadet Funnel Neck Sweater, $98
Tory Burch, Military Studded Leather Messenger Bag, $475
Vivienne Westwood, Draped Dress, $752


  1. those are all really really lovely pieces!

  2. goldenmeans: Now if only I could afford them all! I think the J.Crew sweater will definitely find a home in my closet.

  3. Great pieces! I love the J Crew sweater too!! Would you like to add one another as followers to help get our names out there in the blog world :) ? Let me know! Have a great day!

  4. My dad was in the army from before I was born up until he retired when I was in college. My uncle, several friends, many exes and now little brother are in the military too. I've never been able to tell if that's the reason I'm obsessed with military inspired clothing or not. I love their crisp, precise lines and fun details.


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