Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wilderness Retreat

I work at a local business magazine with a staff of 12 people. In an effort to work on the business, rather than in the business for a few days, we're taking off to northern Wisconsin for a 4-day, 3-night strategic planning retreat. I'm expecting long days going over financial data, brainstorming and team-building activities - and, of course, a few late-night cocktails to ease the stress of spending over 72 hours straight with coworkers.

I'm planning to pack easy, comfortable items: a pair of slouchy jeans, an oversize cardigan, cozy scarf, leather sandals, aviator sunglasses, a maxi dress, khaki shorts, rumpled button-down shirts, a long necklace (the antler one featured below would be perfect) and a copy of The Kite Runner if I'm lucky enough to find any alone time.

To kick off the weekend, I'm driving to my parents' house even further north. Unfortunately they only have dial-up Internet - and I'll be completely unplugged at the retreat with no cell phone service and no Internet service. The only piece of technology I'll have is my camera.

I'll be back to regularly scheduled updates when I return Wednesday evening with photos from the adventure. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


  1. i love baggy jeans and cradis! have a lovely time xoxox

  2. have fun and looks forward to seeing your adventure via photos. : )

  3. have a good time :) your outfits seem perfect! and that james perse shirt is one of the best buys you can possibly make...

  4. Kirstyb: Thanks! I am looking forward to lounging around in comfortable clothes.

    SavvyGal: I'll be sure to take many! The resort is on a peninsula, so I'm sure I'll get some goregous shots.

    Goldenmeans: I'll have to consider that particular shirt. I keep going back and forth on it - not to mention, do I really need another button down?

  5. Sometimes its a nice little change to be outside the office.

    I love the items you've packed -especially the cardigan --so cozy!

  6. Arianna Belle: I hope it's a nice change. Otherwise it could be a complete train wreck - entertaining either way.

  7. Love the outfits! I hope you have fun at your retreat!!!

  8. Candi: Thanks! It was a good time overall, but I'm glad to be home.


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