Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Recent Purchase: Banana Republic Jacquard Skirt

And it's official. I've begun checking off my fall wish list. First on the list is an embellished pencil skirt and I found this Banana Republic one on eBay:

I'm excited to pair this with a slouchy tan sweater:

And raspberry tights:

And these shoes:

Disclaimer: The shoes hurt. A lot. But I constantly get compliments on them from both men and women, which slightly offsets the pain.


  1. I've started buying for the new season as well, and so far I've loved all of my purchases.

  2. that skirt is adorable, just perfect for fall.

  3. Madelene: What's on your fall list this year?

    Iva & Savvy Gal: I'm so excited for the skirt to come. The last few minutes of bidding drove the price a little higher than I would have preferred - I hope it's worth it!


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