Saturday, August 15, 2009

Questionable Item of the Week: Gigi Favela Valesca Pump

Gigi Favela, Valesca Pump, $143.88 (sale!)

I'm questioning my style judgment this morning after stumbling across Gigi Favela's Valesca Pump. On one hand, I think they're horribly tacky. On the other hand, I'm hopelessly intrigued. There must be some way to pull these off successfully without looking like a cavewoman (albeit a chic one). Maybe with thick black tights, a tan full wool skirt, a structured tweed belted jacket, and a heavy dose of confidence?

Or maybe I just need more coffee before I e-browse.

What do you think?


  1. First I went eeekk, but something about the boots.... : ) intriguing.

  2. SavvyGal: That's exactly how I feel about them. There's something incredibly unappealing about them - yet they're full of potential. I've never felt this conflicted about a shoe before!

  3. haha i bet they're super comfy though!

  4. Nicole Marie: That might be why I'm so attracted to them. They look like like cozy slippers, but in high heel form.


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