Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Anthropologie Somerset Cape

Oh, c'mon Rachel Zoe! I adore you, but did you really have to feature Anthropologie's Somerset Cape in this morning's Zoe Report? I had dutifully added it to my autumn wish list (to patiently e-stalk to the sale section) and now I have to hope it doesn't sell out before I get my hot little hands on it. Sigh.


  1. Haha, did she really? Bad Rachel!

    It's pretty gorgeous.

  2. Too cute! It seems like every time I want an anthro coat they sell out faster than I can save up the money I need to buy it.

  3. SavvyGal: I just wonder if it'd be impractical. I live in Wisconsin and I'd probably need something a little more substantial.

    K: I've already fantasized about all of the outfits it would look perfect with. This may be a sign of love.

    Whitney: The buying team at Anthropologie has impeccable taste with choosing coats. I'm afraid this one is going to sell out.


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