Saturday, March 20, 2010

Coffee Break

Five minutes in Target yielded one 12-pack of Cherry Coke Zero and one cheerful impulse buy - a Liberty of London for Target mug.

Have you picked up anything from this collaboration?


  1. I'm thinking of a duvet cover, lamps and maybe dinnerware? SO tempting and love your mug!

  2. I'm such a mug addict, I would love to pick up a few of these!! So far the only Liberty of London for Target I've got is a new wallpaper for my iPhone!

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. oh I didn't see this mug at my Target. very cute.

  4. After seeing your mug, I am reminded that I really should check out the Liberty collection. Yours is so pretty AND it's pink!


  5. last night I saw a commmercial for this and saw everything came out on March 14... How am I late on this?! sooo I'm heading to target on my lunch break today.

  6. awww its super cute! I hadn't seen it before! Hope you had a nice weekend! Happy Monday Jessica!!

  7. Coffee breaks are love!
    kisses, darling*


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