Monday, March 1, 2010

Alice in Chains

Banana Republic Earrings; Diane von Furstenberg Tank; Norma Kamali for Walmart Skirt; Simply Vera Tights; Nine West Shoes; Yves Saint Laurent Ring

In January, I was delighted to win Cafe Fashionista's giveaway with Shopbop. I put the gift card toward the Dalmas Top by Diane von Furstenberg.

The chiffon-wrapped chains are perfectly subtle by day - shimmering only slightly in the sunlight.

But at night, the flash of a camera illuminates an undeniable edge to the otherwise understated tank.


  1. The place was dark and dusty and half-lost
    In tangles of old alleys near the quays,
    Reeking of strange thing brought in from the seas,
    And with queer curls of fog that west winds tossed,
    Small lozenge panes obscured by smoke and frost,
    Just showed the books, in piles like twisted trees,
    Rotting from floor to roof-congeries
    Of crumbling elder lore at little cost.

    I entered, charmed, and from a cobwebbed heap
    Took up the nearest tome and thumbed it through,
    Trembling at curious words that seemed to keep
    Some secret, monstrous if only one knew
    Then, looking for some seller old in craft,
    I could find nothing but a voice that laughed.

  2. What a lovely tank... great choice. It's really beautiful. xoxo

  3. Gorgeous choice. Feminine with just the right amount of edge!

  4. love your skirt :) the details on your top is so fascinating:)

  5. Ah, I'm so glad you bought something fabulous with the gift card. DVF always gets me - her aesthetics are so versatile. Loving the rebelliousness juxtaposed with romanticism of this top - so perfect. You look gorgeous!! :)

  6. Lucky you!!!! I love the top. The details are so captivating!

  7. wow that top is really cool! it's so different than what i expect from DVF, but that makes me love it all the more. the chain detail is perfectly subtle. ~joelle

  8. love the top - reminds me of jcrew!

  9. lovely top!! Happy Monday!!

  10. I def have a thing for boxy tanks. They go with anything. :)

  11. Very cool top, I love it when clothing has depth~ great choice.

  12. hey lady! Thanks for stopping by to check out the giveaway :)

  13. The top looks awesome - great "purchase!"

  14. Classic with a twist - such a great piece! And even better that it was pretty much a gift! Looks lovely on you.. and i swear everytime i see that ring i swoon...

  15. Jess, great pick! That's such a great top. :)

    xx Love & Aloha

  16. Perfectly subtle. You look great in it, too.


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