Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday Gift Guide: The Sportsman

The men on my Christmas list just aren't fashionable - they're Wisconsin men who spend their weekends in the woods or tinkering with tools. Here are some gift ideas that they would appreciate this holiday season.

(pictured clockwise, starting from upper left)

Filson, Bridle Leather & Stainless Steel Hip Flask, $67.50
Oooms, Wooden USB Stick, $79.80 (on sale)
Arno Bernard, Knife with a Giraffe Bone Handle, $152.07*
Uncommon Goods, Baseball Bat Bottle Opener, $75
Sovereign Code, Kingsley Western Plaid Shirt, $22.49 (on sale)
Williams Sonoma, Monogrammed Beer Mug, $59/set of four
Filson, Small Wool Duffle Bag, $250
eCrater, Silver Playing Cards, $8.88
Uncommon Goods, Golf Ball Bottle Stopper, $25
Wisteria, Black Forest Reindeer Plates, $14.70 (on sale)

*I purchased the Arno Bernard knife for my boyfriend last year - it was a hit. He was like a little boy, carrying around his new toy for days. This year I have a fossilized dinosaur bone knife under the Christmas tree for him.


  1. What a great idea! I especially love the monogrammed beer mug!

  2. This is such a great list! I love the golf ball bottle stoppers!!!

    I posted a giveaway I'm doing on my blog today :)

  3. Boys and the love of knives. Totally.
    They are so silly.

  4. Great choices!

  5. This is perfect for my boyfriend! None of the trendy stuff is ever right for him.

  6. I confess: I would be equally thrilled if my boyfriend bought me a monogrammed beer mug!! Why is it that monogrammed everything (I love me L coffee mug) is so much better? It really is the simple things in life :)

  7. i really like the idea of that USB drive! it's a fun way to make something typically boring more fun. ~joelle

  8. Hi Jessica! Thanks for joining the to read all those random things about you.

    The knife, the bottle opener and the beer mug are perfect for my dad.

    And that golf ball bottle stopper for my brother who's such a golf addict. He was asking for lots of golf items which are way beyond my budget. This will make him happy and me, a lot happier.

  9. Hi Jessica, my choice would be that knife, it is lovely, but sliiiightly out of my price range... :-(
    Lovely post!
    Have a wonderful day!

  10. my cali boy may not be the best recipient for these gifts (he wants more bow ties and like nerdy tech toys) but this is perrrfect for my brother in law! i'm clueless when it comes to outdoorsman kinda guys!

  11. That wool bag is gorgeous! Why do I always like the most expensive things?

  12. Oooooooo. I totally want one of those bottle openers for myself!

  13. That bag is fab!

    Have a lovely day!

  14. I almost got my brother a flask this year. Got him a book of war books and a cool little computer mouse for his Netbook instead (snagged one for me too).

    I love that duffle bag. It says, "I chop wood, and then I hit the gym!"


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