Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Cookies

This weekend I slipped on an apron and baked dozens of Christmas goodies. The first few batches disappeared almost as soon as they emerged from the oven. Two stomach aches later, my boyfriend and I were finally able to resist the sweets.

I'm taking the remaining temptation to the office, along with little bags for each person to wrap up a package of his/her favorite cookies.

Sugar Cookies ...

... with Frosting and Sprinkles*

What are you favorite holiday treats?

*I'm picky about my sugar cookie and frosting recipes. I get rave reviews on my family's recipe and I'm happy to share. Just let me know if you'd like it and I'll send it to you.


  1. I love choc fudge! That looks great!

  2. omg so hungry right now hhhahah!
    they look amazing!

  3. I'm doing the same this weekend. Can't wait!

  4. I'm sure your kitchen smells delicious...hope to do the same soon~

  5. Um, your cookies look pretty much fabulously awesome. It's 8am and I totally want one for breakfast! Would you possibly be willing to email me your sugar cookie/icing recipe? I try a new one every year and would love to check it out - they look so nice & even & fluffy!


  6. Hey Girl!!!

    I will definitely post some pics. of me in the dress!! I didn't get a ton (fail), but I will put up what I have! I DIE for some of those cookies right now!!!!


  7. Oh my goodness - chocolate chip cookie dough truffles? Where can I get the recipe???
    And have you tried Oreo truffles?

    My favorite Christmas cookies are chocolate muzzets (probably spelled it wrong, but if you search "Italian chocolate spice cookie", the recipe comes up) and kourambiedes.

  8. OK I haven't even HEARD of half of these desserts, they look AMAZING! Especially the cookies. I truly love ginger cookies. I let them melt in my mouth rather than chew - try it if you haven't :). Brings the delish factor up a few notches!

  9. Ummm...Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles? Are you kidding me??? Send some my way!!! Those look a-ma-zing!! I think you should open up a bakery - these desserts look so scrummy!!

    This is so sad...I don't even know what my favorite holiday treats are. I'll gladly accept them all!! :)

  10. You seriously baked all of my favorites. Fudge? Sugar cookies? Ginger Snaps? I'll just take them all!

  11. nom nom nom nom!!! too yummy. enjoy your holidays!

  12. It looks so yummy! You did a great job on those cookies!

  13. omg I LOVE LOVE LOVE Chocolate Fudge!!!! majorly!! ...any fudge! so yummy!!

  14. Those truffles look amazing! Yum!

  15. I'm going to give those almond crescents a try. they look so delicious.


  16. I love that crystal sugar/sprinkles. I always want to use it on everything.

  17. These all look delicious!!!! I love Rocky Road, Sugar cookies and Toffee. :)

  18. That fudge looks uh-mazing.

    The first few times I read this, I kept thinking you meant you slipped on an apron like it was a banana peel! I was quite worried.

  19. Oreo truffles are super easy, you need:

    1 pkg. OREO Cookies, finely crushed
    1 8 oz. block of Cream Cheese, softened
    1 pkg. of mint chocolate candy melts or (or whatever kind of chocolate you'd like)

    Combine the oreos and cream cheese until well blended, roll into balls (about 40) and then dip into chocolate.

    sprinkle or drizzle with whatever you'd like, and pop in the fridge!

    Can't wait to try out the cookie dough ones, sound so yummy...

  20. Your Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles look so tasty! (And pretty if I might say). But it all looks really good, you have me in the mood to start baking!


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