Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Gift Guide: $30 and Under

With only 11 short days left until Christmas, I've already spent countless hours scouring stores for the perfect gifts, leaving my holiday budget nearly depleted. For the last-minute gifts on your shopping list (yourself included), consider any of these budget-friendly items - all ringing in at under $30.

(pictured clockwise, starting from upper left)

Urban Outfitters, Anchor Charm Necklace with Gift Envelope, $16
Thomas Glenn, Black Ornament with White Stripes, $28.99
J.Crew, Beaded-Antler Tissue Tee, $24.99* (on sale)
Philosophy, Not the Pits Cherry Cola Shower Gel, $16
Uncommon Goods, Coal Bubble Gum, $5
Anthropologie, Decimal Point Tights, $20
Crate & Barrel, Kado Rice Bowl, $5.95
Banana Republic, All-Season Sparkle Bobby Pins, $18
Shu Uemura, 24k Gold Eye Lash Curler, $24


  1. oh awesome !

    thanks for the tip! :)


  2. Great picks- I love the tights and the bowl

  3. Great idea for a post. Those Anthropologie tights are a hot pick. I've received coal before, and let's just say it's not so funny on the receiving side.

    PS. Your comment made my day—thank you for that :)

  4. These are all great items. I love those tights. Thanks for commenting on my blog. It would surprise me to see a politician do any sort of cigarette ads these days. Since smoking is considered such a no no, nobody would want to be associated with cigarettes.

  5. ooh cherry coke?? I love going to Sephora and sniffing all the Philosophy bath products but have yet to buy one :)

  6. Holiday gift guides are my favorite - especially when they're affordable!! :)

  7. I didn't know philosophy came in cherry coke, yum!

  8. oh i will take the eye lash curler please. shu uemura is the best.

  9. I Kno right! WHen i saw the shoes i completely fell in loove- let me know if you find them :D



  10. that crate and barrel bowl is too cute! i love your affordable gift guide!

  11. Oh the Shu eyelash classy is it in that gold?!!
    So, I'm pretty sure our little 5 year old fashionista is a pure product of her mom because she's some editor at French Vogue. Go figure. My mom was a teacher...we all can't be so lucky.

  12. that eyelash curler would be the perfect stocking stuffer :) and i'd love a set of those bowls! too cute!

  13. I 100% agree with you. Who knows how much money we would have had to spend for therapy and rehab clinic visits?

    Oh gosh, don't hate me because I'm so cynical!! {just realistic!}

  14. Philosophy is always a killer gift!


Thanks for commenting - each one means a lot!

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