Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Funny Valentine

I've unceremoniously made my way through four bags of conversation hearts. (And with two more weeks until Valentine's Day, I guarantee that another bag will meet its demise.) As an added bonus, the hearts have become real conversation fodder for my coworker and I as we form sentences with the candies. He came up with my favorite:

"Call Me - Love Bug - Wink Wink"
a.k.a. a cute way to tell someone you have an STD

Love bugs aside, conversation hearts always get me in the mood for the pink-hued glory of Valentine's Day. I hope for a delivered bouquet of flowers to make my coworkers jealous. I yearn for a candlelit dinner that I didn't have to make. Even a heart-shaped box of chocolates makes me swoon (expanding waistline be damned!).

But even us romantic traditionalists wish for something special on Valentine's Day. If your loved one needs a little help this year, here are my picks for holiday-appropriate gifts you'll appreciate throughout the year. Go ahead, "forget" to close this window when you leave the computer - blatant hints work.

(pictured clockwise, starting from upper left)

Tracy Reese, Scalloped-Trim Dress, $155 (on sale)
Gorjana, Petal Drop Earrings, $65
Chasing Fireflies, Giant Heart Lollipop, $24
François Dallegret, Art Breaker Paperweight, $65
Kate Spade, Kellis Pump, $285
Tory Burch, Valentine's Day Cosmetic Case, $75
Museumize, Love Paperweight, $68
J.Crew, Flutter-Flower Clutch, $128
Banana Republic, Promise Knot Ring, $25
Jess L.C., Lucky in Bed Necklace, $40


  1. If I'm lucky maybe I will recieve one of these gifts on Valentine's Day. Hehe. Great post!

  2. I might have to have that LOVE paperweight!!

  3. I love the LOVE paperweight, it would go perfectly in pink pink cubical.

  4. LOl!! STD.. so funny!

    I love the shoes and purse. The flowers totally got me! ;)


  5. wants the dress and the shoes! hmm maybe a little pre-Vday shopping is in order!

  6. I love conversation hearts. And thos eamazing heels!

  7. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! It is super encouraging to read things like that when I am only beginning my blog.

    That flower clutch from J. Crew looks so beautiful! And the YSL ring in the below post is to die for :)

  8. i love that flowery clutch. I would like to receive these items for Valentines except the lollipop that I will just buy for myself. =)

  9. The earrings, the paperweight, the purse - love!

  10. that paperweight is soo cool!

    Merci beaucoup for the super sweet comment ma chérie =]

    Stay safe and chic darling,
    English Rose x

  11. I love the idea of forgetting to close the window... very brilliant. xoxo

  12. I've actually been checking out those kate spade pumps for a while! but I already have so many pairs of pink heels. I love your blatant hinting too!

  13. Awww... this is a cute post.
    The color of that dress is popping off my screen in a phenomenal way.

    PS. Can you imagine walking down the street with that lolly? haha

  14. The fortune cookie necklace is so cute, it might have to be a v-day present to myself.

  15. What is with BR jewelry lately? I pretty much want to buy their whole collection right now. Love the ring!

  16. Such a fabulous post, Jessica! Though is it weird that the thing I'm coveting the most is that Giant Heart Lollipop? Something tells me I'm on the verge of a sugar rush!! :)

  17. I love the scallops on that neckline! Hmmm...might be perfect for my wine tasting vday date!

  18. oh that floral clutch! I can't get my man to celebrate Valentines ever :-(

  19. Love the Tory Burch case and the JCrew clutch! Everything is SO perfect though! xoxo

  20. loving your blog! that j.crew bag is sooo lovely!

  21. I adore reds and pinks too. I *never* need a special occasion for such girly hues. And I have to say that the J. Crew bag is sooo precious.


Thanks for commenting - each one means a lot!

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