Monday, February 8, 2010

I Believe ...

I can't help but smile at this sentiment from Kate Spade's Chicago location:

I believe in ...
  • Easy Jersey Knits
  • Eye-Catching Cocktail Rings
  • Four-Inch Heels
  • Sparkling Sequins and Twinkling Rhinestones
  • Cross-Body Bags
  • Navy Blue
What are your sartorial beliefs?


  1. aww i love this post!!
    i believe in neon pink pumps, cutoff shorts, and an old band tee :)

  2. cool! well, let me think for a second... i believe in black perfect jeans, nude-ish shoes, chanel, and everything poofy!

  3. Bold pieces of costume jewelry, lace, ruffles and all the shoes too cute not to buy.

  4. What a cool question!

    I believe in

    -Dark denim;
    -Real leather;
    -Bright colors;
    -Military details;
    -Waist belts and
    -A-line skirts.

  5. Ohmigosh I love this. Great find, Jessica! I believe in...

    -Jewelry visible from twenty feet away.
    -Slouchy sweaters.
    -Sequins while the sun is still shining.
    -Boots in any type of weather.
    -Oversized handbags that you could lose yourself in! :)

  6. How fun! You had great choices! It's something I'm going to have to think about for a bit though!

    I'm following! :)

    Have a wonderful day!

  7. Love this post.

    I believe in oversized tops, black and grays, huge rings and designer bags.

  8. so sweet!! I believe in WAY too much to list ;) lol

  9. What an inspiring post! Like you I believe in:

    - cute jersey knits in every color
    - colorful cocktail rings and necklaces for added bling
    - pretty shoes that won't sprain my ankle while walking along cobbled streets
    - short and flowy skirts and lots of laughter in-between. :)

    Thanks for visiting me! :)

  10. Ruffles, shoes, sparkle, & of course champagne, ha! Fun!

  11. I believe in t-shirts, oversized cardigans, skinnies and boots. Oh, wait. I just described my typical everyday outfit..

  12. I believe is:
    pretty flats
    vintage dresses
    colourful pieces

  13. I believe in:

    Dresses with pockets!
    Jewel Tones
    Printed Linings
    Crinolines and Slips
    Never having enough shoes

    Love the Kate Spade sign and your own pics ;)


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