Thursday, January 6, 2011

{ inspiration board } Watercolor Palettes

Confession: I have hundreds of paint samples that I've collected from hardware stores over the years. But I'm simply being prudent; I'll have the perfect colors chosen when I finally own a home. And it seems I'm not the only one flirting with pigment. West Elm used silk pillows as their canvas for vibrant watercolor prints.

{images: biffybeans, west elm water splash pillow, west elm stripe pillow cover, watercolor & more}


  1. stunning- in love with the first photos, and I have so many paints, dyes and colours from my uni days. I took some snaps in the marais in Paris of the artists palettes too- so beautiful!Katie.x
    fashion clocked

  2. I love those pillows!

  3. Wowww...i like this !!...that pillows...!!

  4. Love the pillows.....I collect samples too..OCD, lol

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  5. Wow, that is so cute!! I would love to see your home when finished then!! :) Colour, I love it!!!

    I also collect paint samples (the chips, anyway). I actually work at a hardware store, and I haave a whole box full of old ones that I want to cut up and make a mosaic out of one day.
    I also pick some colour samples just because of their cute names!!

  6. I always save my paint samples too... you never know when the urge to redecorate is going to hit! Love the happy pillows! xo

  7. I really love these - they're so vibrant!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  8. This reminds me of something.
    I babysit two adorable little girls every now and then. We play make-up. The 3 year old thinks my Ulta make-up pallette is paint. :)

  9. The second pillow is gorgeous -- perfect to brighten up a room. What are the odds that I could DIY something like that? (probably small, but I'd try anyway) :)

  10. Sweet! I see these colors and I think of sweet moments!



    Luciane at

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  11. Lets say we turn that pillow into a skirt :)

  12. Jessica these are so cool! I have the West Elm catalogue waiting to be!


  13. new follower here! so glad i found your blog! :) i have a shoebox full of paint samples.... you never know when you might need them! haha

  14. Ohh I want the pillow! I'm always thinking about what colors I want to paint the walls in my first place, especially since mine are currently white right now!

  15. love the color choices. Love watercolor too.

    I also collect pictures and color swatches for my "perfect home" but i have realized it never becomes "perfect" b/c as i continue to grow and change, so do my tastes/preferences... I now own a home and my home has become an ever-evolving place... a reflection of me. :-)


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