Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sustainable Style

We've all been blinded by the low prices of fast fashion without concern for the carbon footprint clothing manufacturing leaves behind. While I'm certainly not one to preach about the ills of the fashion industry or dissuade fellow style-hounds from low-price retailers, I do think Earth Day is the perfect reminder to be conscious about our impact on the environment - sartorial or otherwise.

The most eco-friendly shopping spree would involve bicycling to a local thrift store, but I don't have the patience to sift through rows of polyester. Instead, I'll opt for one of these gems:

(pictured clockwise, starting from upper left)

Made from organic cotton:
Loomstate, Nicolette Braided Dress, $128
Organic cotton & donates to the World Food Program:
Feed 2 Bag
, $95
Made from reclaimed silver:
Toby Pomeroy, Silver Hoop Earrings, $165
Donates a pair of shoes:
TOMS, Canvas & Grosgrain Slip-on, $85
Made from recycled imbuia wood:
Camila Sarp, Wreath Cuff, $287


  1. Love the dress, that would be just perfect for wearing to the beach. The design of the tote is fab, too, but somehow the message printed on it would seem a bit hypocritical with my love of expensive designer shoes, wouldn't it?

  2. a very appropriate post for today. i really do like sustainable clothing, though. what i would really love is to be able to go to a sustainable fashion show! where they make these incredible outfits out of reused/earth-friendly materials.

  3. I love the bag! Really cool and casual.

  4. Great dress! I'm the same - kinda impatient to go to thrift stores (and not sure which ones are good) but always amazed by the things people find there. At least there's eBay!

  5. I love Toms shoes... and that Feed bag is awesome. xoxo

  6. The dress looks so easy breezy and perfect with some colorful accessories! I totally don't have the patience for thrifting either... or sale racks. I'll take shopping online from my bed any day :)

  7. Love the dress and the Toms shoes! Really liking the natural color scheme!

  8. I love the dress. It manages to look classy and casual at the same time and seems like it would be super comfortable. I've always wanted a pair of Toms shoes ... maybe I will have to get myself some and call them a late Earth Day present hehe

  9. I love the bag! Have a sweet day!

  10. I definitely agree, but I went thrift shopping for Earth day anyway :)! and lookie all the treasures I find. I am all for loving our planet, it's not something we can say "let's go move out and live some place else" I have been buying sustainable products too but cannot help the necessary evils of fashion. Thanks for posting this! LOVE all the items! I need TOMS shoes now.

  11. oh that feed bag is really cool! I could see myself using that for the beach trips.


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