Thursday, April 1, 2010

Style Obsession Turns One

photo via Michael Zigmond

A year has passed since I first tested the Blogger waters with this post (riveting, eh?).

I remember the very first comment left on a post (thanks again, Candace Rose!) - and the astonishment I felt when I had my first follower. Twelve months later, I can barely believe 158 people subscribe to Style Obsession in Google Reader. 158 people who read my thoughts - and who I want to get to know better.

It's the sense of community that has me addicted. Amy of Amy's Afternoon Reading recently sent me an e-mail, perfectly expressing what I love about blogs: the chance to meet new people - and create dear friendships.

Without this blog, I wouldn't have had a chance to meet each and every one of you. I've learned more about you through glimpses into your daily life. I've shared in your happy occasions. I've felt pangs of sorrow when a dark cloud makes its way across your radar. Thank you for being part of the community that makes blogging so rewarding.

My sincere thanks for reading Style Obsession. Even though I don't always comment, I do read each of your posts!

And with that, I extend to you the same invitation I extended to Amy: if you find yourself in the State of Wisconsin, please let me know. I'd love to meet you for a drink - or a cupcake! - and chat.

All the best,

p.s. If there is anything you'd like to see more of on Style Obsession, just let me know!


  1. Congrats on your year anniversary! I just became a follower of your blog recently, I love it! you have great style.

    I just started my own blog about a month ago, I too love the feeling of getting new followers - check it out & if you like it, follow me too!


  2. Congrats on your one-year anniversary! I'm new around here, but think your blog is great so far!

  3. Congrats on your 1st year!

  4. Happy one-year anniversary!! Congrats xo

  5. Happy Blog Birthday Jess!!! I truly understand what you mean and feel the same - though I am nowhere near 100 followers or the 1-yr mark yet. And though I may not always comment on your posts, like others, we all read them. :) Happy Bloggy Day!

    xx Vivian @

  6. Happy blogiversary!
    I agree, the community I have found has been wonderful, reading comments is often the best part of my day and getting so much more exposure to the whole world in such a personal way - it's great!


    Chic on the Cheap

  7. Happy anniversary! I love your blog so much, and read every entry you post! Though sometimes it's four or five in one go. ;)

  8. Congrats on your first year!
    I love to read your blog and following, you're welcome to follow back:) have a nice weekend!

  9. aww happy blogiversary! I want to come to Wisconsin. We'd have too much fun.

  10. I recently found your blog and I love it! Congrats on your first year. Happens to be my husband's birthday as well. And that's not an April Fool's joke.

  11. Congrats, many more years of blogging to you!:)

  12. Thanks for the shout out Jessica and sincere congratulations on the one year mark. I love your blog and your style. Hopefully one day I will find myself in Wisconsin (or you New York) and we can get that cupcake.


  13. Congrats on making it to one year :)
    I am new to this whole blogging thing, so it is super nice to read posts like this one - it gives me something to look forward to! =)

  14. Congratulations on your one-year anniversary! I love the blogger community as well-- it's just so much fun to meet others who share the same obsessions-- uh, I mean interests. ;-) I'm glad you've had such good feedback!


  15. Happy Blog Birthday darling - we're only a few weeks apart!

    Isn't the blogging community amazing? If you're ever in Singapore or NYC, you know who to call for drinks or cupcakes (cupcakes are harder to find here, maybe some other dessert!)

  16. Happy 1 yr Anniversary! I just hit the 3 month mark and I feel like that's an accomplishment! LOL! I can't imagine what one year will feel like, but I'm sure amazing! So far, I'm loving the blogging community and look forward to becoming more a part of it. I also look forward to reading your blog...Just became a follower! Again, big congrats!!! :)

  17. Awwwww :) Happy 1 year Anniversary! Here's to many more!!!


Thanks for commenting - each one means a lot!

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