Saturday, May 16, 2009

Shoe Woes

Yesterday I stopped at the gas station. After I was done pumping fuel and got back into my car, I noticed an overwhelming smell of gas - which continued for my commute to work. When I arrived at work and realized the smell still hadn't faded, my heart sank and I realized I stepped in gasoline and possibly ruined my favorite black flats.

They have a leather sole, which makes getting the smell out nearly impossible. I've tried soap and water, vinegar, baking soda, and now they're wrapped in newspaper in the trunk of my car.

To alleviate my sadness, I browsed for a new pair and stumbled across Amazon's designer shoe sale (up to 80% off select styles - click here). I purchased a beautiful pair of Cynthia Vincent flats (below) for $57 - nearly $230 off the original retail price!

And there are other gorgeous shoes on sale, like this pair of Giuseppe Zanotti pumps which are perfect for fall. Will you be ordering anything?

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