Saturday, May 30, 2009

26 Candles

It's my birthday!
What are you favorite ways to celebrate your day?


  1. Happy birthday!! Cupcakes. Cupcakes are definitely on the list when it comes to my birthday. Enjoy:)

  2. The Lil Bee: Cupcakes were definitely on my short to-do list on my birthday! That and the sheet cake my boyfriend brought over. I don't think I can manage another piece of cake for a long time!

  3. Happy Birthday! Mine is next week. Ahhh the big 28! I love karaoke on my birthday. I'm cheesy like that ;)

    I tagged you on my blog missy!

  4. Btw...I wish my life was a Kate Spade ad too :)


Thanks for commenting - each one means a lot!

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