Tuesday, August 2, 2011

{ currently coveting }

{ decorating with chevron* and a beloved whale pillow }

I'm not sure what's more overwhelming: packing up to move or unpacking once moved in. It's amazing how much stuff one gal can accumulate - and it's slightly embarrassing when the majority of it falls into one of two categories: books or clothes. After a week of tripping over boxes, Dave and I made it a priority to head to the Chicagoland IKEA for bookshelves, an ottoman (which has become Bacon's favorite perch) and a dresser. We didn't come home with a dresser this time, but the DoubleTree's warm cookies more than made up for it.

{ a new Yumi Kim dress }

{ warm cookies and the promise of sweet dreams }

{ a first-time visit to Chicagoland's Portillo's Hotdogs }

*The grey pillow covers were purchased on Etsy and the navy pillow is by Twinkle Living.


  1. I love Portillos!

  2. Chevron and the whale! I love it! Good luck with the dresser hunt.

  3. Unpacking is always more overwhelming!

  4. The dress color is so pretty!! Love it!

  5. I love those chevron pillows - do you know where they are from??

  6. Such a sweet dress! And I still seriously love all your pillows. An odd thing to admit, but true nevertheless! You know I love chevron!


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