Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wild Kingdom

Next week, my coworkers and I are heading to Wisconsin's north woods for four days and three nights of strategic planning and team building - four hours away from Madison with no hope for escape.

To say I'm dreading the adventure is an understatement. The tension was so intense last year that there was a BYOB drought midway through the second day - necessitating a liquor run into town. One coworker even broke out Barry White on the stereo and insisted it wasn't for seduction when I questioned him. And, yet, the retreat fuels a bevvy of stories and memories to recount during happy hour the rest of the year. Double-edged sword, I tell ya.

At the very least, this is the perfect setting to daydream about fall's sportsman-inspired pieces - complete with a dose of glitz to avoid looking like a bona fide hunter.

(pictured clockwise, starting from upper left)

Susanne Schmitt, Oxidized Deer's Head Pendant
, $178
Topshop, Faux Fur Stole, $50
Banana Republic, Dainty Plate Stud, $25
Modcloth, Deer Watch Necklace, $24.99
Washington Jacket, $69.99
Topshop, Stag Hoops, $25
Filson, Wool Duffle Bag, $250
Ana Cavalheiro, Arabian Nights Ring, $238
Report, Monroe Boot, $174.95


  1. Oo! I love everything in this list! I really like the woodsy equestrian style!

  2. I want them all. :P I'm a huge fan of plaid! So chic!

  3. These are great !!!!
    love the boots & cuff:) Take care.....and hope those days fly by for you!!!

  4. The whole selection is great! I remember team building weekends...They used to be very crazy for us:)

    Ps: I hope you had a chance to enter my Giveaway

  5. oh great selection for the fall and have fun at the team building. I recall doing that for work a few times too :)

  6. Well I hope this year goes well, and hey, you can always throw on the jcrew antler tee, to let everyone know you are a serious outdoorsy person ;)
    Have fun!

  7. Yes to the YES to everything on that list. Those boots made me lose bladder control just a wee bit.

  8. Love all those pieces!!! Sounds like its going to be a very interesting few days, but I love the outdoors so I would deal with the madness XD

  9. Yikes- good luck! Love the pieces you picked...esp the boots and locket type necklace!

  10. Those earrings are insanely cute!

    Hope it's fun but not crazy this year!

  11. Those boots are so amazing! Hope this year's retreat is less awkward than last year's!

  12. jacket is amazing!!

  13. SOOO cute. I want SO much fur this season, and I am also on the hunt for that faux fur piece.

    Love the blog post! Good luck on this retreat. When in doubt, drink tequila! Haha :)

    Thanks for the comment! Love the blog.
    Interested in a link swap?


  14. LOVE the boots! Hope the retreat goes better than expected!!

  15. I love that jacket and the pendant!

  16. LOVE the camping outfit. You are clearly talented.

    Sounds like a crazy camping trip! Have so much fun.

  17. I love the jacket and the boots! They could easily become fall staples in my wardrobe!

  18. I like that shirt. My daughter, who loves clothes is all, "I think I need those boots."

  19. pretty much in love with that jacket...


  20. The wool duffle bag is so cute! I could definitely use it for a few of my winter trips :)

    xo Lynzy

  21. That sounds like a team building exercise I'd gladly skip. Look for fun and kitschy dive bars on your drive in and leave a trail of marshmallows to plan your escape route. Fabulous glam outdoorsy picks! Love the Topshop faux fur stole very RZoe

  22. I love that jacket! And such a great price.

  23. i hope you have internet access! may the force be with you.

  24. I *love* this collage, especially the red jacket! Makes me want to go camping or something, just so I can wear it - and I HATE camping, lol! :) Good luck with your retreat!!


  25. I am really LOVING all of those items you put together! Want!! sarahD:)


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