Thursday, February 2, 2012

{ outfitted }

Last year, Dave and I spent our first vacation together in Fort Lauderale and we've planned a return trip for March. There's five weeks and 6 days until our plane departs, but I've already been planning outfits. (You can see my jewelry lineup here.)

Outfit Notes: Tunic - Anupamaa; Clutch - Diane von Furstenberg; Earrings - c/o Wendy Mink Jewelry


  1. Ooh LOVE that!!! At least you have something to look forward to every day now :)
    I need a nice beach vacation, but I have to wait until the week of the 4th of July...I still need to find a good one piece bathing suit...AHH!

  2. Have fun on your vaca!!! I def. plan my outfits for vacations WAY ahead of time. I love the colors in your planned look.

  3. I love fort lauderdale! One of my favorite places in the world (I'm partial though because my whole family lives around that area). Love those earrings!


  4. That will be nice.

  5. So pretty!! We'd be planning the same way you are! Love your blog!

    ox from NYC!

  6. Lovely Blog you have and I totally adore those earings!
    May be we can follow each other. (hope it interests you).

  7. I'd be planning weeks in advance too! I'm taking a trip to West Africa around Christmas, and I'm already starting to think about what to wear! I hope you have a lovely time - I love the Ft. Lauderdale area.


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