Monday, June 13, 2011

{ help wanted } Haute Household Under $25

On Friday, D presented his apartment key to me nestled in a little velvet box. (Swoon.) This also makes it official that I'm abandoning my apartment and moving in. We spent time yesterday packing up the dry goods in the kitchen - and throwing away an embarrassing amount of expired pantry items ("I'm forgetful, okay? Yes, I realize it expired in 2007 ... you still love me, right?").

While packing is certainly the downside of moving (and a bit humbling in my case), I'm looking forward to making his place feel more girly like home. Of course this means I've been e-shopping for home accessories - as if it wasn't obvious by last week's picnic post and a sangria pitcher tucked into the Tuesday Treats post. Lisa commented last Tuesday admitting that she also has moving on the mind. Seems like an opportunity for a guest post series, doesn't it?

This is where you come in.

I'm looking for bloggers to help with a week-long "Haute Household Under $25" feature. Pick one room of the house from the list below and let me know you're on it.
The Requirements
  • Choose four to seven items and create a collage or send separate images of your selections. Please size the images to 400 pixels wide.
  • Draft a written portion describing what you're choosing and why.
  • Include the URL and price of each item - I'll link to the items in your description.
  • Include your name, title of your blog and your URL so I can link to your site.
  • First, send an e-mail to me at by Wednesday, June 15 and let me know you'd like to take part. I'll put you on the schedule.
  • Send your post to the above e-mail address no later than Tuesday, June 21. (Kudos to those who send something earlier!)


  1. how exciting! ;)
    if it makes you feel any better when we moved, i actually *moved* expired expired condiments, etc.

  2. Such a cool idea! Hope you have a great time moving in and decorating!

  3. Great Idea, to the ones who have a room to decotrate, have fun!


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