Sunday, January 8, 2012

{ reviewed } Case-Mate

Given my affection for accessories, it's surprising that I hadn't bedecked my iPhone with a cover until recently when Case-Mate offered to send over a couple of cases. It didn't take me long to settle on the glittery, Barbie-esque Glam Case in hot pink.

I used this festive cover throughout the holiday season and I still love pulling the glittery phone from my purse. Happily, the glitter is set in a hard plastic inlay and is smooth to the touch, unlike some other glitter-encrusted items that feel rough and gritty.

One of the most fun parts of the Case-Mate website is the opportunity to design your own phone case. The process is quite simple: upload a photo, resize it, position it, and you're done. I opted for a bit of Badger pride with Bucky (nevermind that Rose Bowl loss).

As expected, the custom-made version took a bit longer than the Glam case to arrive. The image was a little larger on the phone than it appeared online and Bucky's arm slightly wraps around the edge of the phone. It's not a big deal, but something to keep in mind when designing your own and getting close to the edges of the template.

Bottom Line: I definitely recommend Case-Mate the next time you're looking to outfit your phone. What kind of case are you using?


  1. Right now I've got a kate spade hard case, which is adorable, but really bulky. The sleep button is difficult to access. At least the phone is well protected though.

    These cases look great - and the custom design option is so awesome.

    How well is the front of the phone protected?

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. Those are adorable cases - love that they can be customized too! I used to have a MICHAEL Michael Kors wallet-case but that wore out in less than a year... definite regret with purchasing that one! I currently don't have a case on my phone because it's a 2 year old 3GS. I can't believe it still works considering how often I drop it hahaha. But I'm just holding out for a new phone.. hopefully soon!


  3. Ooh! It's so pretty and sparkly!!! I need to get an iphone first before I can get a case though, ha ha

  4. OMG NO WAY! I love the custom idea! Might have to get one..

  5. I don't have an iPhone, but my iPod Touch has no case. It actually suffered water damage recently :(

  6. I love the the glittery one!! Very cute.

  7. Love the glitter case - makes me wish I had an iphone! :)

  8. That glitter case is too cute! It's one of the best glitter cases I've seen.

  9. Love that you can customize your case!! You know I need a Gator one :)

    - Sara @ Gameday Stylist

  10. I too have the pink glam. It's really good looking with my white phone. My qustion is how to get it off? I have a 4 - but it's new and my first iPhone, so I'm learning a lot - lol. I just read on the Apple site, if your phone gets hot (while charging or with extended use) remove the case. The guy at Verizon put it on. I didn't think to ask him, how to take it off?!
    I've also read reviews that these crack easy. Well, I've already dropped mine on a rug and on a wooden floor. No cracks in the case & thank goodness none in the phone either! If only I could get it off without breaking it. No luck finding instructions on the Case Mate website :(


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