Wednesday, September 7, 2011

{ reviewed } JewelMint

By now, you've probably heard of, a members-only site that features a jewelry collection designed by Kate Bosworth and Cher Coulter. The best part? Each piece is only $29.99. But if you're anything like me, you're wary of another members-only site. Fortunately, this one is refreshingly different.

When you join, there's a style quiz to complete which will populate a personalized showroom with items that suited to your tastes. My quiz results were right: I do prefer classic clothing silhouettes, yet I'm not overly keen on simple, classic jewelry. When this happens, you can peruse the rest of the available jewelry and add additional styles to your showroom. offered to send an item for review. I chose a bold, sculptural necklace to add interest to my weekend uniform: a tee shirt, jeans and loafers. While the necklace is impressive on its own - and seems much more expensive than $29.99 - the thoughtful packaging won me over. The piece is presented in a velvet-lined box with a description of the item affixed to the lid.

Have you purchased anything from What are your thoughts?

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Expires: 9/14/11


  1. Oh wow, that necklace is stunning! You are right, looks way more expensive. Gorgeous!

  2. Oh wow that necklace is so much fun! :D I joined JewelMint a while ago but never have time to check out my selections XD I should probably look

  3. I havd heard of Jewelmint before but didn't know anyone who had signed up. GOod to hear this great review! Love that looks WAY more expensive than $30!

  4. I love Love Love the necklace......


  5. Love the bold, structured look! It definitely looks a lot more expensive than $30 too! hope you're doing well my dear- how is the new place?

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  6. I love the unique shape of the necklace, and i definitely like the price tag!

  7. Love this necklace! It is totally industrial yet really chic at the same time. Amazing.

  8. Love that necklace. I almost got that one, but instead I went with the serpent necklace. If they still have some left I might have to grab it.


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