Sunday, July 12, 2009

Recent Purchase: Milly Floral Lattice Fiesta Dress

I can't believe I just pulled the trigger and finally bought the Milly floral lattice fiesta dress I've stalked for months. It was just marked down from $415 to $124.50 on Shopbop.

And now I'm officially banned for awhile so I can carefully edit my fall list.


  1. Great purchase! I've been eying stuff all night. I need to quit!!!

    I'm curious, does Shopbop have an actual bricks and mortar store in Wisconsin? OMG if they do, I don't think I'd ever be able to leave!!!

  2. Candi: Yep, they do have a b&m store here in Madison. This weekend is Maxwell Street Days and Bop always has incredible sales - and incredibly long lines (but it's worth it). Last fall, they had a warehouse clearance sale and I stood in line for three hours. I wanted to leave, but I kept thinking "Well, I've made it this far...I should just wait."

  3. You are so lucky Jessica! Shopbop is by far my favorite window shopping/surfing site! My favorite shopbop purchase would have to be my Juicy parka from like 4 years ago. It's still going strong :)


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